By Tooth And Claw Dragons
RHIDORA, Land of Horns

A kingdom of cunning merchants and valiant mariners, Rhidorah has risen to a state of great wealth. It i s said that if you can't find it in Rhidorah's markets, you can find someone to get it for you. If you have enough coin, that is. Ships of all shapes, sizes, and origins can be found here, as well as crews of all shapes, sizes, and origins.

Country/Area Name(s): Rhidora

Ruling Species: minotaur

Native Language: Common

Capital(s): Vysinas

Monarch(s): Anax Jarrak (NPC)


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: Various aquatic species. LEADER: Priestlord Pontus. TIER: Three.

APPEARANCE: Sago's temple is crafted from blue-green stone that rises partway from the ocean. The submerged sections are covered with coral. Tall spires connected by elegant arches adorn the structure, and carvings of various sea-dwelling creatures adorn the outer and inner walls. The sea surrounding the temple is as unpredictable as Sago himself, forming whirlpools, standing waves, and various other oceanic oddities without warning. The entire temple rises and subsides with the tides, allowing access to those who are unable to breathe underwater during periods of low tide, but largely submerging during high tide.

CULTURE: Known for their often mercurial moods, the denizens of Sago's temple reflect the often unpredictable nature of the sea. It is common for visitors of any social rank to be invited out upon the waves, only to end up in the water. For the priests and devotees of Sago, how else can one truly appreciate the sea without truly experiencing it?

RACE: minotaur, various. LEADER: dude. TIER: two.

APPEARANCE: Kytos stands atop a stone outcropping overlooking the sea, and is surrounded by thick tone walls. A mighty citadel stands atop the crag's highest point, and a strong gate bars the entrance to the city from the harbor. Two more gates stand along the wall, and the streets are paved with stone.

CULTURE: Kytos is first and foremost a military stronghold. The inhabitants are soldiers, whether full-time or well-organized and trained militia, standing ready to face any threat to Rhidora. Fenrir holds a place of honor beside Sago, and military training and displays of physical prowess are common. Wrestling is a common sport, with minotaurs locking horns while their hands are tied behind their backs as they try to knock the other to the ground.

RACE: sea sirens; undead/ghosts. LEADER: Queen Islanzadi (NPC). TIER: one.

APPEARANCE: One of the few and only sea siren civilizations, Meranthe is located between the countries of Jes'er'en and Rhidora, underneath the waves alongside the smallest islands separating the two. These islands are decorated in such a way to reflect light, often with pillars decorated with various shiny objects to catch the curiosity of unsuspecting sailors and fishermen. The actual village is beneath the waves, often in large spiral shell-like structures, decorated in a similar gaudy fashion. Above water, the truth of this area is concealed by an illusion maintained by some of the energy siphoned from sailors and fishermen.

CULTURE: Meranthe is less a civilization, and more of a giant net to catch unwary sailors. The sirens who dwell here often attempt to lure sailors and fishermen with their songs and physical appearance. In spite of the surface being more like a ship graveyard, the city underneath the waves is quite lively. The culture is marked by a refined hedonism - the sirens enjoying fine goods, often stripped from the vessels of their victims. The energy stolen from the living is channeled into a enormous wardstone at the center of Meranthe which generates a field that conceals a ship graveyard full of lost souls and undead - and also prevents these same entities from attacking the sirens who stole their lives away.

RACE: minotaur, various. LEADER: Orestes (NPC). TIER: two.

APPEARANCE: Sidon is the foremost port in Rhidora. Constructed atop a small island just off of Western Rhidora, the city is connected to the larger island by a long stone causeway. Mighty stone walls protect the city, and a sheltered harbor serves as the anchorage for a multitude of ships. A large market square lies in the center of the city, overlooked by a temple dedicated to Sago, and a mansion for the city's governor. Above the harbor are extensive piers for the numerous skyships that visit.

CULTURE: Life in Sidon revolves around the sea, and trade. Talismans engraved with Sago's image, both dragon and dolphin, are common, and shipbuilders are always in demand. Seafarers and skyfarers rub shoulders with craftsmen and merchants on a regular basis, and tales of events from across the Realms are frequently traded. Anyone with good enough persuasiveness, and a deep enough coin purse, can charter a captain and crew for almost any enterprise.

RACE: minotaurs. LEADER: Jarrak (NPC). TIER: three.

APPEARANCE: Vrysinas is a massive complex that's palace, temple, and city all rolled up into one enormous structure, nestled in the foothills on Eastern Rhidora. The buildings and towers on the outer edge of the complex are thick and sturdy, but no wall surrounds Vrysinas. For defense, the streets and buildings are arranged in a truly labyrinthine layout that makes it extremely easy to get lost or turned around, wile providing defenders familiar with the layout many opportunities to ambush invaders. The stones are whitewashed, and red columns are common throughout the structure. The royal quarters are located deep within, as are the ceremonial chambers primarily dedicated to Sago. The lower levels extend underground, and are just as convoluted as the rest of the complex. Near the center stands an open courtyard surrounded by a colonnaded terrace.

CULTURE: As the political and religious heart of Rhidora, and for Minotaurs as a whole, Vrysinas is a place that sees many pilgrims coming to pay homage to Sago. Very rarely will a non-minotaur see the inside of Vrysinas, and it is considered a great honor to receive such an allowance. Within, ceremonies are frequent, and the rulers of the minotaur clans meet to discuss trade, settle disputes, and debate on any issues that might arise.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Jagtooth Range

Large and jagged, this northern mountain range runs the entire length of both Western and Eastern Rhidora, sheltering few ports on the north side where ships may find safe landing. The cliffs that fall into the sea have seen many shipwrecks, and it's not uncommon to see treasure hunters attempting to pillage long lost wealth.

Sidon's Graveyard

It is said that whenever a sea-faring vessel is decommissioned, it is sent to the islands West of Rhidoria. Channels and tides shift so inconsistently there that any sane captain knows to avoid its depths and the forest of masts hiding beneath the waves. All kinds of boats are found there, brought originally from Sidon's trade between Realms, from Kuraian war ships to simple fishing boats to mighty vessels thought to sail the skies. What isn't known is exactly how many pirates sunk their treasures in this island collection, how many undead roam these ancient waters, and how many creatures have claimed these depths as home...

The Eye of Sago

A powerful maelstrom that frequently forms in a strait north of The Searift, between a cragy island and the Rhidoras. A hazard to ships out on the water, and almost equally dangerous to any sea creature passing too close, the maelstrom takes the form of a massive whirlpool, while smaller whirlpools often form nearby. Standing waves and upswells are common, while rogue waves, though rare, have been spotted.

The Searift

A massive rift between the western and eastern portions of Rhidora, rumored to be so deep that an oceanic leviathan could pass beneath unseen. Filled with water, it has several ports all along it, and sees many ships pass through either north or south.

About Millirand

Millirand is an ancient Realm, once proud and powerful, and is the original home of the great Dragon Royals. Now however, devastating wars in the past, and the splitting of the Ten, have resulted in a fallen Realm given in to despair. The once-mighty dragons have been reduced to a bare minimum, and the various kingdoms have turned their focus on their own personal matters. However, despite that, Millirand remains a Realm of beauty, mystery, and magic.

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