KIDOCHI, Land of Disease and War

A hotly-contested land held between Pestilence and War, Kidochi mirrors Alubria in Felnova, with several stark differences. Where the Cataclysm in Felnova ripped away half of the continent's northern portion and tossed it into the sky, Kidochi holds a vast and dangerous tundra, where only the strongest warriors dwell. Though Pestilence holds more land than War here, both Kingdoms are fairly evenly matched, watching one another from across the border for any excuse to start a war.

Country/Area Name(s): Kidochi

Ruling Species: demon

Native Language: Demonic

Capital(s): N/A

Monarch(s): Lady Undyne (War), Lord Vortigern (Pestilence)


These are the cities found within this area; each one is marked on the map, and divided by tiers. The larger the tier, the larger the city - tier one may be a small village or town, while tier four may be sprawling cities of grand proportions.

RACE: demon. LEADER: Kirito (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Demonic and Common. ALLEGIANCE: War.

APPEARANCE: A small port town on the southern tip of the continent, Arashikami is barely noticeable in comparison to her larger sibling, Gunkan. The port handles little traffic, but instead was built as a safe harbor for Gunkan ships. Built like a horseshoe, with walls stretching into the sea, the port is fortified against storms and seafaring attack. More than half the city's square mileage is occupied by the docks. Now the town stands to protect the waterways between the two continents, and keep the more critical port safe at all costs.

A large, spellborn storm hovers around the port, parting only for demons of the War blood and kept in constant motion by specifically-trained samurai-mages. All other ships are smashed against the rocks and drowned, should they drift near enough for the winds of the storm to catch them.

CULTURE: As a smaller city of little import, Arashikami is a sleepy place compared to the rest of Kidochi. Subsisting mostly on fishing and the primary trade of ship repair, the town is a quiet and quaint place to live. However, this has made it a good place to lie low, leading to outcasts from all four Kingdoms taking shelter within the storm walls. Traditions are limited to avoid the Lord's attention, and keeping with the number of outcasts, all the gods are worshiped in the city.

RACE: demons. LEADER: None. TIER: abandoned.
LANGUAGE(S): None. ALLEGIANCE: Pestilence.

APPEARANCE: A still-sturdy series of stone bulwarks still surround the central, ruined tower. A past battle was fought between demons and dragons in the area surrounding it, and during the fighting, a dragon crashed through the central tower, shattering it into ruins, and raining stones down upon the rest of the fortress. Never rebuilt, the tower was subsequently abandoned, although it still serves as an occasional outpost. What's left of the tower lies south-west of Kenkyo.

CULTURE: An occasional outpost for Pestilence soldiers. Nothing more.

RACE: demon. LEADER: Sokejonin Hanza (NPC). TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Demonic and Common. ALLEGIANCE: Pestilence.

APPEARANCE:Most of the village consists of tents designed to be able to be put up or taken down swiftly. A few structures are made of polished white wood, including a small shrine to Orphethas, and the Clan Leader's dwelling. These structures can be disassembled and moved almost as quickly as the tents.

CULTURE: Home of the elusive Koga Clan, Kakusa Village is near impossible to locate for outsiders. The clan can and does relocate the entire encampment on a moment's notice. No demon or hellwolf from outside Pestilence Kingdom, and very few within it, have ever set foot in this village. Its small is deceptive, as the majority of the Kogas spend much of their time away from the village, often beyond the borders of Pestilence Territory.

RACE: demon and hellwolf. LEADER: Masuta (NPC). TIER: four.
LANGUAGE(S): Demonic. ALLEGIANCE: Pestilence.

APPEARANCE: The largest Pestilence city, and home to the Shino Kaze Clan, standing where Honesty would be on Felnova. The city's walls are arranged in three consecutively smaller, but taller wooden walls. These walls are stained red with a blood-water wash enchanted to liquefy into a virulent vapor. Within the central wall, a stone-and-wood tower houses the clan's mages. Towering above the city, supported by six massive pillars, sits a vast ring which serves as a docking station for the Pestilence military's fleet of sky ships.

CULTURE: As the Shino Kaze Clan has a large number of mages in its ranks, magic plays a large part in the city's workings. The city's walls and gates are heavily enchanted with runes, and the city is host to a portion of Pestilence's military who remain ready to quickly oppose any invaders. Outside the walls, various crops grow interspersed with toxic plants, designed by Shino Kaze mages, to keep the city supplied with food and outsiders away from the crops.

RACE: demon. LEADER: Milketsu (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Demonic and Common. ALLEGIANCE: War.

APPEARANCE: As the pillar of the War Kingdom's defenses in Kidochi, this city is a powerful fortress erected on the border between the two Kingdoms. Organized in a pattern of defensive rings and high, tall walls, Kokkyotoshi is a source of pride to War's ancient heritage. Home both to hellwolf packs and demons, the city is designed to keep the entire border safe, on its own if need be. Its walls have been reinforced by runes, a magic barrier maintained by offerings of blood, and dozens of defensive spells that ward every building against destructive might.

Within, Kokkyotoshi is simple and bare. Its farms are tucked inside the walls to make them harder to destroy in battle, and guarded constantly by droves of hellwolves. The area underneath, where tunnels would have to be dug to breach under the walls, have been cleared out into massive caverns filled with toxic fumes and prowled by captured beasts. A single spire rises in the center, where commanders gather in a tower-keep that overlooks all.

CULTURE: As a city of great importance, demons from throughout the Kingdom fly in regularly. Traditions are therefore mixed, with different aspects being pulled from different cities. The universal traditions honoring the War goddess are of the highest importance, but each demon brings their own culture and own personal beliefs. However, the city is a fort first, and military service is prized above all. Festivals for the training academy, and for acceptance into the Lord's Samurai, are rare but honored events.


These are the landmarks and important places scattered through this area. They can be anything from forests and rivers to special caverns, monuments, ruins, and more.

Grand Rift
The location of an early clash between two royals, the Grand Rift was originally a small lake fed by the nearby river. The fight turned it first deepened the lake, then shattered it into a deep canyon, cutting all the way to the once-distant sea. The walls of the canyon hold many veins o bright gemstones, still charged with the power of that great battle. But the waters are rapid and deadly, and monstrous things lurk underneath.

North of the mountains, nestled within a wide valley, lies an eerie network of stone spires and mounds. Fierce winds howl among the stones with great frequency, rendering it almost impossible to navigate. Among the stones, the sounds of the wind are often mistaken for other sounds. Deep within, inside of structures crafted from the same grey stones that make up the valley labyrinth, dwell the Shoukan Clan.

Kanketsu Field
Just south of the mountains, west of where Rock Point would be, lies a vast field of geysers that periodically spew forth fountains of red, misty vapors. Deep within the field, hidden by the hot, toxic fumes lies the home village of the Iga Clan.

Far to the north, standing tall on a single mountain in would be the Great Wastes on Felnova, is the Mages' Tower of Kurai. While the tower stands in what is nominally Pestilence Territory, the tower, its surrounds, and local peace are strictly maintained by the Order. In the area surrounding the tower, Elementals unique to Kurai exist in large numbers, formed from white wood, red water, grey soil, black snow, and silver grass.

Mount Hari
Located on the western coast of Kurai-Alubria, near the border between Pestilence and War. Scattered remains of a once-proud fortress glitter under the light of the moon. A flight of dragons reduced the fortress to a ruin wit their fire breath, and the stones that still stand have been vitrified. The fortress has been abandoned ever since, aside from the odd traveler or two.

Located in a series of labyrinthine caverns beneath where Honesty would be on Felnova. These caverns are filled with gemstones that secrete hallucinogenic vapors, and are used as a prison for Pestilence. The Saishi Clan makes their home in the mountains above, and serve as guards

Ribaiasan Lake
Ribaiasan Lake is actually a grouping of several smaller lakes that eventually collided into one. Kokkyotoshi can be seen in the mountains to the west, and the Lake is protected by hellwolf packs that kill all intruders, no questions asked.

A vast swamp filled with toxic, red water, silver trees and grasses, and thick, toxic fumes highly lethal to demons from kingdoms other than Pestilence. Within this swamp stands a dark tower, a smaller version of the kingdom's main castle which serves as a sanctuary for Pestilence demons during times of crisis.

About Kurai

A unique and deadly Realm, wrapped in eternal blackness with only a moon to light the moonday, and no stars to light the true night. Acid rain falls that only those who possess demon heritage can withstand, and the scent of an outsider race draws many a scavenger and usually the hellwolves, who patrol their Kingdom's boundaries. Lawbreakers and deserters are chased by hellwolves or turned into outcasts; outcasts are demons with no Kingdom who are enemies of all four factions.

Unlike other Realms, Kurai's Markers are frozen without Guardians - they are indestructible and hidden far beneath the earth's surface, needing no protection. This, however, cancels out traditional portal making and allows the Lords to control these portals within their respective Kingdoms, unless one finds one of the Hellgates scattered throughout the Realm. Around these Gates, portal-making is a free act, though they will not work anywhere away from them (barring Lords, gods and Ethers).

Kurai is a place of many wars, including both the First and Second Demon Wars in the land of Felnova. The first was started by Kirai, former Lord of War; the second was the first Demon King in centuries, who sought not only the control of his Realm, but all Realms from his place in the Silver Throne. The King has the power to command the Demon Lords and their hellwolves; as a result, many are opposed to a King. There has only been one to briefly take the Throne in recent history - the fell Chamenos Bloodreign of War blood, the darker half of the late Solan Fallenskye.

Realm Contributors: Skyeh, Verridith, and Fyfergrund.