By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Tenants of the Yearning

These are the laws of the Yearning, a group of idealistic morra Sin.

We, the followers of Xerth, who Yearn for freedom from this curse upon us, now pronounce the tenants of our new life. We Yearn for freedom from the thread that binds our jaws and the Greed that burns in our hearts. We see that the curse of the morra Sin is not an Eternal thing, but one that, even now, erodes with the passage of time. We will live by the following tenants from this moment, until our very last moment and we will teach these tenants to all morra Sin who Seek our Knowledge.

✦ The energy of all beings is sacred, we will only consume what we need to live.
✦ Our enemy is not our fellow morra Sin, but rather our shared enemy, the Darkness that grips them.
✦ The strongest among us will show mercy to the weakest among us.
✦ We will pursue not only Strength, but also Knowledge.
✦ The Uncursed among us will be held in high esteem, a symbol of our Yearning.
✦ Those who Seek us and follow these tenants, are one with us.
✦ Harm done to one of the Yearning is done to all and all Wrongs must be Righted.

Each day we live, will be a day we vow to uphold these tenants anew. We shall hold them in our hearts and share them with our Minds. Our common goal is to fight against Darkness to release all of our kind from the curse of the morra Sin and to live with Strength and Knowledge, without Greed and selfish Pride.

Written/Told by: Unnamed Sin
Contributed by: Aviela

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