By Tooth And Claw Dragons


A fictional story of a Void dragon's unique relationship with the spirit goddess Linath.

There once was a dragon, a Void with a crystal of pale and purest blue. He lived long and learned well, but he was secluded from all but the young strigine who had recently discovered his written thoughts. Even this guest was relatively rare, so his death was only discovered many years after the elements had claimed all but his bones and the faded gem from his chest. The dragon was not distraught, though. Within the Soul Plane, the dragon took a new name. Whatever he had been in life, his bright form now called itself Seeker.

Seeker bounded through the white landscape, a brighter green than he had ever been in life. It was in his journeyings that he discovered a dragon, similar to himself, but far more beautiful. Her gentle form glowed with light purples and greens, and gems seemed to glow from their places embedded within her sides. When she turned his way, the gaze Seeker felt exuded power beyond his ken.

Subdued by awe, he followed the beautiful figure for most of a year before daring to approach. “My lady, your appearance is breathtaking,” he said. The she-dragon seemed unaffected, but as another year passed, Seeker asked questions. “How do you keep track of all those here?” he would ask. The answer would be more than he could understand, but he stayed quiet for a time, attempting to comprehend what he had been given.

During their travels, Seeker suddenly asked, “Do you have a favorite color?” Linath, for that is who Seeker had found, was surprised at the innocent question.

“Do you not wish for the answer to death? Visitation with loved ones? A return to life?” Linath asked back.

“Death is natural, and this world beautiful. At this point, any loved ones have probably accepted my death, so why reopen those wounds? Currently, though, I am quite content with your company,” Seeker said. The answer touched the goddess. She curled over and pointed to one of the gems in her side.

“This one. It shines brightly in this landscape,” Linath said. She smiled and looked back at the Void dragon with genuine gladness at the creature’s strange attitude.

For many years, the two of them traveled together. They talked of inconsequential things and important things. Seeker helped greet scared souls and discipline wayward spirits. For the first time in a long while, Linath smiled and laughed freely. The time wouldn’t last, though.

Seeker’s spirit enjoyed the time spent with the goddess of the Spirit Realm, but he occasionally found it more and more difficult to remember their conversations or the small room he’d called home for most of his living life. “Linath, I think it’s my time,” he said.

The goddess turned toward the brave Void dragon and let out a cry of pain. Her concept of time was non-existent, but she should have noticed! “Seeker! You’re so faded!”

“I know. I think. You know what happens next.”

“No! You’ll forget yourself. All those wonderful ideas of yours.”

“Ideas? My lady, they were just conversations.”

Linath watched as Seeker grew dimmer and less like himself. With a cry of pain, she released a surge of her power. In an instant, Seeker’s soul was whisked away from her plane. Tears stung the goddess’ eyes as somewhere within the living Realms, a Void dragon turned white in his egg, the crystal in his chest gleaming with pearlescent power.

“Until we meet once more, Seeker.”

Written/Told by: Aluzii (NPC), vagabond
Contributed by: Bucketorandomness

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