By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Of the Demonic Reapers

Bound in sealed dragonhide, this book recalls the history two famous Demonic Reapers, servants of the Death Kingdom: Adair and Domentain.

Many Reapers exist in the world today; those who reap the souls for one purpose or another, generally in the employ of the gods or some similar great immortal. Time specifically has a few to take back the souls of those who were given a second chance they never should have had - to regain the balance lost many years ago. Noamuth, Time's equivalent in the Dark Five, has many of her own Reapers to steal the lives of those she hates.

Most Reapers are simply living beings that steal the souls of others; kill the living body, and send the soul to the Spirit Realm or Hell. Some take the souls and trap them, delivering each to an appointed master for their own dark use. Still others devour the souls they reap - these are the most powerful, and the ones I'll tell you of now. These are not simple Souleaters, the dragonkin reaper-beasts of such little intelligence. These are the nightmares that put fear into the Reaper name.

There is a legend of these Reapers time long past; a tale told in hushed whispers, told to scare children away from mischief deep in the night. They speak of the Demonic Reapers as ghosts, wraiths that exist only in the mind - but reverence and respect fill each word, for they are anything but. They truly exist; creatures marked by their white coats marred with black and red, fueled with the ability to tear a living soul from its body with ease. I will tell you of the most well known Demonic Reapers, one of which still survives to this day.

Long ago, there were two gryphons who shared a love deeper than anything. Great beasts with coats of russet and brown, obsidian black. Adair and Domentain they were called, and they led a flight in the beautiful land of Alubria.

But the peace and love that they had could not last forever. They ventured away from the Flight one night, leading three others on a hunt through the trees. Adair took off after a beautiful stag, and her mate followed. She leapt upon its back, and sank her talons into its flesh... only to encounter hard scales under thick fur, a wolf instead of a deer. The she-gryphon was thrown off and a massive, black hellwolf with a skull mask as white as snow turned to face her, grinning with glinting fangs and dark red eyes. "You belong to Death, now," he laughed. They fought him, all five gryphons, but... it was never to be. The hellwolf was too strong, an Alpha, horrifically powerful and exceptionally deadly. Three of the gryphons died. Adair and Domentain were defeated, and taken to Kurai.

They were to become Reapers. Servants of the Death Lord, creatures fused with the soul of a demon that had given up their life for their Kingdom. The process was swift, and brutal; they were led to a dark chamber, a ritual circle, and that was where the hell began. Little is known of how exactly Reapers are made... but Adair describes a bright white light, gleaming, beautiful -

- and then, darkness blossoming all around them. Dark essence filled that light, eating it and corroding it, until nothing was left of the glittering strands. The two gryphons were trapped, filled with terror at the pair that smiled down at them, demons' eyes filled with gleeful malice. Two demons who the Lord had summoned to turn them to Reapers. His Reapers.

Those spirits - Morion and Rathamoria, demons of Death - were tied to the two gryphons that night. The souls collided, and the gryphons fought back - seeking to save their lives from the wretched darkness, even as it sought to claim their very essences. However, it was not to be... the collision fused and melded Morion with Domentain, Rathamoria with Adair. Brown coats turned white that night, russet markings red. Patterns of darkness and light spattered with markings that looked terribly like blood spread over their snowy pelts, and even their features changed with the demons they fused with. Eyes once silvery blue and deepest violet turned stark red and rage replaced any trace of sadness, burning away the grief and fear that had been there.

Turned into demonic creatures, the Reapers were reborn as soul-stealers and spirit-killers, able to tear life from bodily shell with the merest touch of power. At times of dire need, or when the gryphons lost control of their inner selves, Rathamoria and Morion would surface again - white would turn black and black would turn white, as deep maroon and crimson began to glow with visible, tainted malice. In this form were they most powerful; and in this form, most feared.

This tale of the Demonics still lives, though Adair and her demon counterpart Rathamoria are the only pair that remains of the two, as Domentain and Morion fell not long ago. One thing is certain - if you see a creature white, ghostly as a midnight shadow, beware! It may be a Reaper, come to take your soul. The denizens of Death have created monsters before. No doubt there are others that have surfaced since.

Watch everywhere you go.

Written/Told by: Kyperion, necromancer
Contributed by: Verridith

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