By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Lost Terra

A terravyrn's sorrowful, secret telling of what became of the lost Realm of Terra.

Terra is lost. An eternity of mourning shall follow.

Never again shall we see the sun rise above the glittering plains. Never again shall we see the sun reflected in the glistening mountainsides. Never again shall we see the sun's reflected light gleam in the clear waters of our lost home. Never again shall we see the crystals glow beneath the light of the moon. Never again will we gaze up at the stars that long watched over our ancestors. Never again will we pay homage to the graves of our forebears. Terra is lost to us forever.

We speak of this to few. And only a small few of us will even agree to tell this tale. I tell you now that you may understand our grief. We are the surviving children of lost Terra. Countless generations of my kind flourished there. My forebears came from there, and indeed, so too did many of my children in turn. Would that I could show you the beauty of our old home. The light of sun, of moon, of stars reflected in everything. Great was the beauty of the jewels crafted there, but, alas, none now remains. So much was lost with Terra.

None of us who live know what caused Terra's destruction. We know only that our gods had long forsaken us. They walked among us once, but perhaps they grew impure, which is why Terra drove them away. We do not know. None of your gods heard our pleas, our prayers for our Realm and ourselves. Or, if hearing, they didn't care. We have no use for them, or for any gods. We prayed for Terra, and our prayers went unanswered. We shall pray no more.

What we do know is something made Terra's very core grow unstable. The corruption of our gods, their departure, maybe some innate flaw in the Core itself; maybe even our own actions as we sought to fully harness the power of the Core. Some of us defied all council in their attempts to tap ever further into Terra's innate magics. Maybe they delved too deep. Whatever it was, it no longer truly matters. Our Realm is lost, save for one small sliver of the Core.

Yes, we have found refuge here. That I will admit is some small gift from your gods. But these Realms are not our home. We still feel the call of Terra. Even those of us who were born here in these Realms feel the call. We yearn to wander under our own sun, to bask in the glow of our moon, to gaze upon our own stars. It is not a calling we can deny, yet it is one we can never again answer. It is the call of a dead Realm that still dreams of life, eternally summoning lost children who can never return.

I shall not speak of this again. Should you ever, in your travels, meet another of my kind, do not mention Terra to them. Do not ask what they mourn for. If you would offer them anything, offer them a place to stay for a time. A gift of a crystal, given in reverence, if you would honor them as best you possibly can. Wish them well on their journey, for we all seek after something we can never truly find.

Written/Told by: Dalorys, terravyrn jewelsmith
Contributed by: Fyfergrund

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