By Tooth And Claw Dragons

It's Time Again

A Lizzarkythian poem dedicated to the changing of the seasons, and the celebrations associated with them.

The lines of a poem are written across the small book, accompanied by colorful pictures. The handwriting is beautiful, gilt cursive, professional and tidy. Each page is similarly decorated.

It’s springtime again, where we come and sing
of birth and renewal
told mostly through dancing
Our courtships begin. In great times of peace
we woo and enthrall
‘til pride turns us to greed

It’s summer again. Let’s dance in the light
of bonfire tall
and its deadly might
Let each of us write to loved ones so dear
a letter from all
to those who aren’t here

It’s autumn again, the balance returns
to neutrality
Trees burn without burns
as the priests call forth priests in the making
Learn of reality
as the rituals sing

It’s winter again, and darkness will reign
in song and The Sleep
of forests again
Do not be afraid, for it can be kind
but those that it keeps
won’t leave you behind

Written/Told by: Ysalden (NPC), lyzard bard
Contributed by: Bucketorandomness

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