By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Assorted Prayer Hymnal II: Prayers of the Ten

A unique, bound volume of prayers that holds several common prayers. This volume is dedicated to the worship of the Ten and Linath.

The contents of these manuals are continuously reprinted, with little tweaks here and there throughout the ages. Often, the cover of these books are given utmost attention to detail and decoration, collected and published by Lord Hootryan, the fanatical theologian strigine.

Much of this tome is smudged and smeared; scholars have been hard at work attempting to restore it for some time. Spells have been laid upon the pages, and many of the prayers are unreadable.


Lord Time, hear my prayer.

For ten days, I will utter this prayer unto You, and offer a piece of my soul for Your time. I must face the Darkness, and need Your Light; allow it to fill my meditations and grant me the knowledge I seek in Your grace. By the falling of sand, let it be so.


Lord Leartes, hear my prayer.

I seek Your holy righteousness, and vow to uphold Your balance. I offer life for light, existence for neutrality, and my soul for darkness. Grant me the power to right the wrongs and restore balance in my endeavors. By the scales of stone, let it be so.


Lady Linath, hear my prayer.

Let the swords and claws of the fallen be sheathed; let the cries of war sound no more. Smile upon us as we sing the praises of the dead, and let their journey to You be gentle and swift. Honor their sacrifices, and allow them to find their eternal peace. By the shimmering spirit of all that is good, let it be so.

Written/Told by: Lord Hootryan (NPC), noble scholar
Contributed by: Verridith

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