By Tooth And Claw Dragons

And Here The Dragon Comes

A ballad of a dragon and warrior, a beloved drake and a madman king. From where enemies clash and die, honor may always be found.

The lines of a song are written across the small book, accompanied by colorful pictures. The handwriting is elegant and somewhat cramped, set in long, thin lines.


There once was a dragon, fair and tall,
Silver of scale, beloved by all.
He flew from the heights with a terrible roar,
The people cheered, loud and far!


But then came a madman, tyrant king,
And drew his sword with a baleful ring!
He challenged the dragon to combat alone,
The winner to claim the ancient throne.


They clashed and fought, bitterly,
Each seeking to name victory.
But then the man shouted,
And the drake flouted…


Blood was spilt and the man did fall,
But lose he did not; not at all!
For the dragon's eyes gleamed a hue,
Instead of bright gold, they were an icy blue!


An inward battle raged and roared, will against armored will,
Seeking a strike, a hit, a kill!
Then the dragon screamed and went still,
As we looked on, with terror and thrill.


Both wrested free, and looked down upon us,
Wondering at how it had all come to thus.
"All I wished for was power," said the mad King,
"And you have it," said the dragon, flicking a wing.


The man looked up into his enemy's eyes,
"It is never about who wins or who dies,"
The spirit intoned, quiet and wise,
"Honor that's won is the true prize."


So both of their bodies were then laid to rest,
As the souls looked on.
And they smiled at one another, sad but content,
As those of us mourned and those of us cried.
The dragon and man bade their farewells,
Then walked away, brothers true…

It is in their memory we sing merry and loud,
For all of us remember the tune…

Written/Told by: Malakar Songseeker, bard
Contributed by: Verridith

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