By Tooth And Claw Dragons

The Great Serpent

A legend of a mystical serpent, a First Being that wished to devour the worlds.

The bones. Have you ever wondered where they came from? The big ones. If you've seen them, you know the ones I mean. The ones so vast they tower over mountains, spread across many of the Realms. I've even heard of a city on Kurai built within a vast skull bigger than a mountain. Have you ever wondered where they came from? Or what could've been so impossible huge to have left them behind? The answer comes from a time long, long ago, back to the time of the First Realm, and The One.

In the early days, before the Fiv'ean Realms were formed, there was The One, and the First Realm. But there was something else out there in the emptiness of the Void. A Great Serpent, surpassed in size only by the great Void Hydras themselves, and driven only by an insatiable desire to consume all it encountered, was drawn to the pure essence of the First Realm, intending to devour it. The One appeared before the Serpent in his full power and glory, demanding it depart, but his command, impossible for lesser beings to disregard, were ignored.

Forced to fight to defend his creation, The One engaged in a fierce fight with the Great Serpent, a fight that forced him to the utmost limits of his divine power. It almost wasn't enough, for the Serpent was single-minded in its desire, uncaring about the damage it was dealt, and it in turn was able to inflict grievous injuries even to a being as powerful as The One. For a long time, the struggle continued, with neither able to gain the upper hand.

Eventually, realizing that sheer power wasn't going to be enough, The One used his greatest advantage over the Serpent to gain the upper hand. The Great Serpent's single-minded desire to devour was no match for the wisdom and cunning of The One's divine intellect. He forged a trap, chanting in kv'naer and allowing himself to be driven back, towards the First Realm, and the Serpent drove forward, sensing victory was near, just as The One had planned.

It's not clear if the Great Serpent ever realized it had been trapped or not, for once the trap was sprung, The One quickly drained it of power and dismembered it, fearing it may, somehow or another, resurrect itself, for even its dismembered remains continued to hunger. The One cast its remains across the Void around the First Realm, and left them to drift, content that his creation was safe.

Over time, many of these fragments have landed across the Realms, leaving behind the great bones that still hum with power, even though the will that once guided the monstrous beast has long since faded. It is said that anyone actually touching the bones will begin to feel a great hunger within them, and that any necromancer foolish enough to attempt to cast magics upon the bones will be consumed by the lingering power within them.

Now, many thousands of years since The One's victory over the Great Serpent, the bones stand, a pale shadow of the enormity that was the Great Serpent, but awe-inspiring nonetheless, for even one of these great bones is far larger than many of the great leviathans and krakens that dwell within the depths of the oceans. So, should you ever be tempted to ask yourself what the gods have ever done for you, take a moment and just consider thee bones.

Written/Told by: Ashrah, Seer and Priestess of Time
Contributed by: Fyfergrund

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