By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Georgie And The Tower: An Old Nursery Rhyme

A nursery rhyme known to many children of multiple races, based upon the legendary dragon George.

The lines of a song are written across the small book, accompanied by colorful pictures. The handwriting is long and thin, in an elegant script. A looping signature marks the bottom of the last page.

Georgie Porgie flew down low.
Georgie didn't know where to go.
People down on the earth below
Shouted WATCH OUT to Georgie so
But Georgie Porgie paid no heed.
And Georgie Porgie hit crazy speed.
Georgie Porgie crashed into the tower in town
And that big ol' tower tumbled down
Right on top of silly Georgie's crown.
Silly Georgie, clowning around.

Written/Told by: Zakaria (NPC), elven minstrel
Contributed by: JPG

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