By Tooth And Claw Dragons

George the Dragon

The amusing legend of a dragon named George, told widely all throughout the Realms.

Who would name a dragon George? A fair question, but one for which I have no answer. It's possible George isn't even his true name. Maybe if you ever meet George for yourself, you can ask him. You see, nobody knows for certain where George came from, or even exactly what he looks like, other than he has wings. A few variants to the tales of George claim he was often drunk.

Legend has it that a dragon named George was present at the Fall of Ki-Lia, but whether by happenstance or a deliberate choice on his part is unknown. Accounts vary. But every story about George agrees on one single fact. At some point during the fighting, George plowed head first into a massive stone tower, which then collapsed atop him, burying him completely beneath its ruin.

George was believed to have died.

However, a dragon named George was claimed to have been among those dragons who bravely fought against Snakra, and helped reclaim Albronel. But, what role he played during the fighting, if he was actively involved or merely present for some other unknown reason, all accounts agree that, at some point during that desperate fight, George was set upon by several snakes, and crashed into a tower, once again winding up buried beneath it along with the snakes.

George was, again, believed to have died.

Later tales insist, however, that a dragon named George was present and none the worse for wear, in the company of those dragons who attempted to invade and settle Kurai. Again, whether or not George intended to be present during this ill-fated venture is unknown, and again, one fact is agreed upon. During the fighting, George crashed into a demon fortress, nearly leveling it, and wound up buried as it collapsed atop him.

George was, once again, believed to have died.

This belief was, for a long while, apparently correct, as thousands of years passed, and several wars waged, without and draconic Georges making an appearance. Or, of any did, their presences went unnoticed. But, during the Second Snakekind War, a dragon named George was said to have taken part in the fighting. Once more, the exact details vary, but the end result is the same. George crashed headlong into a castle, demolishing it and getting buried during the collapse.

George was apparently killed, but few who believe George was there believe he died.

Many would have you believe that there was never any George, and that he certainly never crashed into any castles, but throughout the Realms, all through the ages, about remote guard towers, grain silos, lighthouses, and if tales are true, even one of the great Mage Towers have all been damaged by a dragon crashing into them.

Now, whether or not you believe George is out there somewhere, should you find yourself around any tall towers, and a dragon flies by, you may want to watch your head, just to be safe.

Written/Told by: Amunet, Sphinx Scribe and Historian
Contributed by: Fyfergrund

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