By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Faction War

A sorrowful poem about the Onyx and Ruby Factions; written as a warning for what happened to the once-great Guild, and how the Gemstone Factions came to be.

The lines of a poem are written across the small book, accompanied by colorful pictures. The handwriting is somewhat messy, but overall readable and very well preserved.

To take a life, to steal jewel
Either thief would be a fool
Taking children, taking gold
Both of which are blindly cold
Petty crimes done for survival
Birthing forth corrupted rival
For even fools must brag their might
And thus a battle did ignite
From being rash and acting bold
The paltry conflict did unfold
For men and women still untested
Learned the feel of being bested
The falsest heroes soon did fall
And those alive continued call
A war lived on, between the two
T’ill those survivors scarcely knew
The hatred boiled ever strong
And though unknown, it carried long
The echo slowly lost its sound
Reason now was seldom found
And to this day the fight still rages
Uncontained by open cages
Though some may say they’re not distraught
As little’s lost in a war fools fought

Written/Told by: Rose (NPC), human bard/former Ruby Faction member
Contributed by: Thistle

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