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Dragon Lore: V

A large tome dedicated to the intricacies of dragons, explaining everything from origin to physical differences and more. Sorted by subspecies and split into several volumes.

Noted are pages on dragons and their various species and families. The tome is professional, bound in hard leather and penned in a neat and tidy script. Some parts are oddly missing, protected by an ancient spell. Carved into the thick cover is simply 'Dragon Lore V'. It seems to be first sorted by dragon types by discovery, then dragon subspecies and other dragon cousins. The last tome of Dragon Lore seems to be about the specific types of unique Evylonian dragon, changed by the Realm's chaotic reiatsu. Unlike most other subspecies, these dragons – within their specific types – are exceptionally similar in designs, abilities and basic behavior, as is explained below.


Perhaps the strangest of all dragon subtypes are the many specific types of Evylonian dragons; dragons that were changed very uniquely by the chaotic magic of the Realm. Study continues as each of these specialized breeds continue down the line of evolution even now, as an incredibly advanced rate. To what end is unknown.

Incidentally, these dragons are often called 'Heartwoodian' dragons, despite very few dwelling in Heartwood and its surrounding lands. This is thought to be a product of Heartwood City and its forest being a focal point of activity, and one of the most populous places in the Realm. Travelers did not often make the connection that these dragons existed in all parts of Evylon, and thus the name has persisted.


Most devious of all the Evylonian dragons, and most hated among the Realm's varied draconian races. These dragons are a deep, obsidian black, with sharp, angular features and glowing red eyes and mouths. Bloodthirsty and angry, they spit a horrible acid and can often control the element of darkness in addition to a black, corrosive fire, though other elements have been noted to a limited degree. It is thought that their blood is slightly acidic and sulfuric in content, though this disappears upon death, and fades with age. Known to have been descended from dark dragons who followed the Golds and attempted to see their downfall, twisted by the black magic and the Realm's aura generationally until they became the modern Black known today. Though not all are malicious of mind, they have been accepted by scholars to be one of the most evil races in all of Evylon, and are greatly feared because of this.

Ancient Blacks are honored by the dark races of Evylon, though mostly the undead – who seem to be attracted to their dark natures. Rituals have been witnessed to summon the most ancient and powerful of this race to help the undead in their endeavors; these may involve a blood sacrifice and a calling upon the ancient Blacks, offering great bounty for the dragons' amusement. However, Evylonian Blacks are embraced by the Fallen Halgians split from the Empire of Halgia, though they may still seek out and destroy evil dragons wherever they may roam.

Evylonian Blacks live in small Clans in various mountain ranges, generally at war with one another or other groups of dragons. These Blacks often terrorize the free races of their home Realm, and some have no qualms about capturing and devouring humanoid prey. They are vicious, led by a single ruling male, and all members in his Clan are held in the iron claws of his will.


Many centuries ago, there was a brief war between two Clans; that of the Greens and the Silvers. Though none now remember why, the conflict arose and fell within a year. However, unlike most other Driakkion skirmishes, this one was unique in that peace came from the intervention of the Golds - and a close peace treaty came of it that lasted for many years.

Due to this treaty, three large Clans of Greens, Silvers, and Golds all existed side by side for a long while, and hybrids between them became common. Though these Clans have since split, their hybrid offspring congregated together and forged their own - and through years of continuing to live and breed with one another, have created a new subrace.

These dragons are bronze in color, metallic, and stand upon their hind legs like raptors. They are uniquely gifted with a cold version of lightning breath. Many are also able to utilize metal manipulation magic, though this is rare. Those that are born with such an ability often get particular attention from the Clan's Matriarch, and rank higher in the Clan because of it.

Otherwise, these matriarch-led Clans often make their homes near Halgian settlements far from Driakkion, and work closely with the Empire in many things. They are noble and have a strict code of honor that puts protecting the weak and sick before all, including other races. Though these codes differ slightly from Clan to Clan, they detest killing any sapient, light-aligned race, and those that break such codes are forced into exile instead of facing execution.


Caused by an unusual alliance between an exiled gathering of Reds and the large Clan of Golds who took them in. It is unclear what caused the exile of the Reds, and none of the original progenitors live any more, as both the Clan of Golds and the Reds that intermingled with them have both disappeared from history. What remains is the Coppers - the result of their many offspring, who now have created Clans themselves.

Like the Bronzes, most Copper Clans live in Halgia and not Driakkion any longer, though some say there are hidden cities of them in the homeland that exist still. Coppers are exceptionally proud, arrogant, and narcissistic; they are led by queens much like the Reds they once spawned from, and these queens often decorate themselves with a vast assortment of jewelry and trinkets. A Copper Clan's queen will not relinquish her title unless she is unable to serve any longer - upon which time she may choose a successor from other females among her Clan.

Though noble and good of heart, Coppers are also supremely dedicated to their own Clans, family, and - in the event that they bond with riders - their Halgian allies. Other sapient creatures, including those in danger, will be put aside should they feel they need to defend their own kind first. This can prove immensely difficult in battle involving several Clans or other entities, as the Coppers will immediately abandon their allies if they feel the need to.


A race of golden-scaled dragons descended from frilled western dragons with gold, yellow and brown scales. Even with the addition of other, unrelated dragons, other features and colors have begun to disappear and twist into a spectrum of metallic golds and large, bright frills. Spikes, feathers, fur and spines melted away into thick plates and wide webbed wings, colored in hues of yellows, oranges, creams, and whites. Colors very similar to the metal - such as rose gold and white gold - have been noted, and has become a trait more and more commonly seen. Elemental affinity has shifted through the generations to be very specifically light and fire.

These Heartwoodian Golds are generally peaceful towards most of the other dragons of their Realm, and one of the two who share friendship with the elves, dwarves, and halflings of that region. They dwell in small Families in beautiful, but secret and hidden places that lay within the mountains that border many forests, and large Clans in great Driakkion. Outside of Driakkion, spells of illusion and light hide these havens, seen only by those they choose to lead to them, generally only their own riders or very close friends.


Rather rare due to reproductive complications, the Evylonian Greens are wyverns with somewhat deformed proportions – they are the least intelligent of the Heartwoodian dragons, and also the most territorial, settling disputes with caterwauling roars and blasts of venomous, somewhat acidic liquid sprayed from uniquely-shaped fangs. Thought to have been one of the last Evylonians to emerge, it's highly recognized that they were the product of Evylonian Whites and breeding with outside dragons, though why they have retained their green coloration remains a mystery.


Though very little is known about the Evylonian Indigos, it is said that once there was a true oceanic leviathan in the oceans south of Heartwood; however, when it died, its bones were corrupted with its inherent magic, eventually changing a group of aquatic dragons into the blue-scaled monstrosities they are today. Frilled and decorative, these snakelike drakes are incredibly protective of their seafaring home, and will kill anything that comes into the water.


Greedy and malcontent, Evylonian Reds are somewhat less feared than their Black brethren, though they are larger and may be more dangerous. All have varying shades of red to their scales, shading through to orange and yellow in places; their backs and faces often have unique arrangements of pebble-like black scales, as well, depending on the individual. Generally very angry dragons, though quite proud and afflicted with a deep lust and greed. They are believed to have been the result of a group of red-scaled, sharp-minded dragons who fell into the Heartwoodian forests in droves, burning all that they came across. Choosing volcanic regions to reside in over all, the magic within the stones has changed and formed them to what they are today. Elementally aligned with fire and lava, as well as all manner of heat.

These dragons are found in volcanic Clans led by a single female, dubbed the Queen, and rarely a powerful Patriarch. Over the long years of her reign, these queens take multiple mates and have several children, and the Clans inevitably end up fractured by familial civil wars as the children battle for leadership; however, female-led Clans have been reported to be much more successful than male-led Clans, as the males are seen as weaker and less fit to lead.


Considered the most beautiful of the Heartwoodian dragons, these wyverns (and rarely westerns) have exchanged less common features for large, plated scales and sharp beaks. Evylonian Silvers are commonly seen with extravagant, bright frills that range in a multitude of colors and hues. Most of these dragons will have scales that become as reflective as a mirror, and may be incredibly vain because of this. The most arrogant of the draconian races of Evylon, the Silvers only ally themselves with dragons of good alignment and those races with pure hearts. More Heartwoodian Silvers bolster the ranks of the Halgian Empire than any other dragon, though they are not as admired – much to their ire – as the Golds. Elemental affinity has shifted through the generations to be very specifically lightning and storm magic.

Most Evylonian Silvers tend to be solitary; they only seem to come together to breed, and rarely stay together for very long. Mostly, these dragons will be seen frequently beside lakes or streams, and pride themselves on their pristine appearance.


Dragons of white coloration and four distinct wings; though they are classified as wyverns, many use their smaller set of wings much like a bipedal western uses their foretalons. They can be found in any shade of white, snowy or creamy, and are often opalescent and pearlescent with muted colors found therein. One of the very first Evylonian dragons to change so dramatically, and said to have once been a Clan of western ice-elemental dragons who settled in the coldest parts of the Realm.

Clans are no longer seen amid the Whites outside of Driakkion, however many will choose a lifelong mate and stake out territory to raise young in amid the snow and ice. Most males compete for females, however it is up to that particular female which male she inevitably chooses. Oftentimes, female Whites will indulge the males for their own amusement, and then choose a male that they have known for much longer to be their life-mate. When a mate dies, it's also been noted that the grieving period for the other half is filled with an angry, arctic rage, and most raids on the free races have been after a White has lost their love.

Written/Told by: Malakar Songseeker, dragon bard
Contributed by: Verridith

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