By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Dragon Lore: IV

A large tome dedicated to the intricacies of dragons, explaining everything from origin to physical differences and more. Sorted by subspecies and split into several volumes.

Noted are pages on dragons and their various species and families. The tome is professional, bound in hard leather and penned in a neat and tidy script. Some parts are oddly missing, protected by an ancient spell. Carved into the thick cover is simply 'Dragon Lore IV'. It seems to be first sorted by dragon types by discovery, then dragon subspecies and other dragon cousins. In this volume are explained the true subspecies – dragons that have become very specialized, far past what those that have been explained before have been.


A product of rapid evolution in short generations, the Desert Gold is a unique subspecies of dragon native to the Felnovian deserts. These golden-scaled dragons originated from a colony of westerns that favored the sand dunes and heat more than those who wished to dwell in the mountains, forests, or plains. Most had gold, yellow or white scales, though some had red, or shades of brown and black. Over many years, scale color began to take on the gleaming hues of the desert sand, though many still carry the marks of their differently-colored predecessors.

It is unknown where, exactly, these dragons gained the ability to grow extravagantly in times of great need. However, it is recorded in a few ancient tomes beneath the sands that they were manipulating the energies of time and chaos to protect their desert home. Legend has it that through this, they were not able to enhance the desert against the leviathans that plagued them, but instead granted themselves abilities that have now become commonplace among the breed. Currently, it's known that it is not possible for this to be passed to anything with less than half Desert Gold blood.


First seen in the olden days of Millirand, the gurthadrake breed was a horrific experiment done by some of the very first necromancers spoken of in history. Raised dragons of any sort who wrested the control away from their would-be masters and gained everlasting unlife, as well as many of the abilities they had when they were alive. Most retain their dead appearance, and are as rotting corpses, though a select few have learned how to reverse the effects and become as the living are for brief periods of time. In this time period, these gurthadragons are known to have been able to breed and reproduce, creating unusually powerful offspring, though the occurrence is incredibly rare.


An interesting mutation among many types of dragons; one that erases the pigment from scales, leaving them pure white, and paints the bones a deep, obsidian black. The first albino is rumored to have been born somewhere in the First Realm, and had become one of the first Seers, as many albino dragons are known to have been gifted with the Sight. Little is known or understood why these black-boned dragons share this special connection, other than it is commonplace among them.


First recorded in Millirand, though so rare as to have been lost and rediscovered some time later in Felnova's most secretive places. Great dragons of many shapes and sizes that have adapted to eating various minerals, which have had the added effect of changing their scale color. It is thought, through study of rare individuals, that the gemstones the ancestors of these modern gemdrakes ate were infused with special magics that changed the way they developed. Now, these dragons develop actual crystals that grow atop their scales in a variety of ways, and shed scales are just as valuable and can be shaped, have energy put into, enchanted, and many other things that traditional jewels are used for.

Written/Told by: Malakar Songseeker, dragon bard
Contributed by: Verridith

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