By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Dragon Lore: II

A large tome dedicated to the intricacies of dragons, explaining everything from origin to physical differences and more. Sorted by subspecies and split into several volumes.

Noted are pages on dragons and their various species and families. The tome is professional, bound in hard leather and penned in a neat and tidy script. Some parts are oddly missing, protected by an ancient spell. Carved into the thick cover is simply 'Dragon Lore II'. It seems to be first sorted by dragon types by discovery, then dragon subspecies and other dragon cousins. This tome explains the rarest of all dragons: those created via celestial means; the Cosmics, Celestials, Solars, Lunars, and the beautiful and mysterious Voids.


First among the New Dragons recorded in Millirand history, created by the Ten to serve the new royal-blooded family chosen by the gods were those dubbed 'Cosmic Dragons'. It is said that these royals were gifted with great power, and some of that power lay left over; thusly, the Cosmics were created, fueled by the power of the sea of stars over our heads, with bodies crafted with the essence of the Dark Realm. So powerful were these creatures that they rivaled the royals, though their bodies could not contain it as the true royalbloods could; many destroyed themselves in battles for power, and were once thought entirely extinct. Very few remain.


Alongside Cosmic dragons came Celestials; dragons to serve the same purpose, though weaker overall, save for light magic in which they excel. Their bodies were created with the essence of the Light Realm, and they once served to balance the Cosmics, fueled by the power of the sun and moon most. They were drawn into and involved in the great celestial wars against the royalbloods, and very few remain.


A subtype of Cosmic initially, and somewhat more common than their more powerful brethren. As they were gifted the power of the sun instead of all of the heavenly bodies, the Solars were saved from true destruction. However, they too suffered from an overabundance of power and were often caught in-between the two greater Lost Dragon types as they battled with the royals. It's said that many of the bones left in the northern parts of Millirand are those of Solar dragons, prevented from disintegrating as their bones still draw fuel from the sun. Very few Solar dragons remain.


A subtype of Cosmic initially, and somewhat more common than their more powerful brethren. Granted the ability to gain power from the phases of the moon, these mostly-nocturnal beasts were saved from destruction of the Cosmics by sheer chance of luck. There were few Lunars originally, and at the time of the Cosmic War, those that were not caught up in such a battle hid themselves away. Very few remain, though the Lunar dragons are the most common of the Lost Dragon subspecies.


A recent subspecies of dragon who carry the memories of their Cosmic ancestors within gems upon their chests. Not much is known of these creatures, except for the fact that they are very, very rare, and often exceptionally powerful.

Written/Told by: Malakar Songseeker, dragon bard
Contributed by: Verridith

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