By Tooth And Claw Dragons


The historical legend of catcatching's origin, as told by its felris inventor.

Oh, hello there! You heard I started Catcatching? Well, you’re right. Me and my good old Scartooth, Isn’t that right buddy? Anyways, It all started a beautiful summer afternoon.

I had been out flying with Scar here, and we were… How high up were we? Oh we had to be up almost over the clouds. And I had fallen. To give my good old boy here time to catch me I started doing tricks. Of course, once he caught me, he yelled at me for not tightening the straps on the saddle, and how stupid I was…

But where was I? Anywho, apparently some of the others in our group, there were about three of us, had seen the stunts I was pulling. Oh we were all competitive, and they couldn’t be shown up! I was the youngest back then, and wooo was that a big drawback.

So them and their dragons flew on up, and they all took turns falling and doing tricks! I was laughing so hard I’m sure the gods heard! So we started doing that when we weren’t on jobs, and eventually it caught on when we found another rider. Of course, I was always the best, with my Scar there at my side.

One day when we had gone to Evylon, I didn’t realize at the time that time travelled differently even though my name is from Halgia, and we found a big group of dragonriders. And they asked us if we wanted to join in, and we asked right on back, ‘what are we joining?’ And they said the most amazing thing.


And we asked what catcatching was, of course, and they said, ‘Well you take you dragon really high, almost up to the clouds, and then you do tricks while freefalling’.

So we all, of course, said that we were the ones who made that up. At the end of that day we came out with five hundred jaden in prize money and each of us got a medal.

Welp, That’s my story about catcatching for today. Maybe later, when I’m not so tired, I can tell you about that one time in Xaeri with the skykin Catcatching tournament!

Written/Told by: Portia, dragonrider
Contributed by: Nix

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