By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Tomb Of The Blue Dragons

An old telling of the legend of the blue dragons, their names unknown, and the hidden tomb that is said to hold a library of knowledge that none can now reach.

What do you know of the First Realm? I thought as much. None now live who can honestly claim to know much about it. Millirand has become an old Realm, its people possessed of a long, storied heritage. This Realm is home to many. But such was not always the case. When Millirand was still young, its people but as children struggling to relearn what was lost, legend tells us there were a pair of wanderers; dragons with scales of brilliant blue who were roaming the land. Dragons with the look of ancient knowledge in their eyes, as though they’d seen too much and wandered too far.

Very few facts about them are clear. We don't know where they came from, whether they were mates, siblings, parent and child, close friends, or enemies. We don't even know their names. Just that they were referred to as the big one and the little one. Everywhere they went, they always seemed to know more than they were telling, and they told very little. They looked to be searching for something. Or perhaps hiding something.

As scholars began to emerge in those early days, they questioned among themselves what the blue dragons might know Some came to believe that the dragons had somehow managed to secure records from the First Realm itself. A few even went so far as to propose the theory that the dragons had originated from that mysterious Realm, and so carried knowledge lost to all others. But none dared question the blue dragons, for the little one alone looked too formidable to risk provoking - much less its companion.

As time passed, it seemed they'd found what they were looking for. At any rate, they were seen less and less as time passed, until eventually they seemed to vanish altogether. Some years later, the little one was seen alone, deep in the mountains, though once spotted, the dragon didn't linger. After that, neither of them was ever seen again, though many tried to find them. It was clear that, wherever they had gone, they didn't want to be found. Whatever they had wanted to hide, they had done their job well.

Some time later, decades since they'd been seen, a man came staggering out of the mountains, looking as though he'd been lost in the wilderness for days and driven to the brink of madness. Through his babble, the scholars who came to question him managed to figure out he'd gone hunting for the blue dragons, wandering all over the mountains where the little one was last seen. It seemed that was the end of it, until he abruptly he'd found them.

As they questioned him further, they managed to piece together what he claimed to have found. A tomb, hidden deep within a secluded valley, that he had stumbled into by accident, with no memory of exactly how. Inside, he claimed he'd found the carved image of a great blue dragon, seated atop a massive sarcophagus. Before the sarcophagus, he said, was the curled remains of a smaller one, little more than a skeleton covered in blue scales. But that, he said, was not the greatest discovery he made. Something far more precious was entombed with them.

He said that he could see a grand library, carved to resemble a temple devoted to knowledge, behind a shimmering barrier. It seemed to be a long ways off and yet close enough to make out individual scrolls, books, and ancient stone tablets engraved with letters - or perhaps runes. But try as he might, he couldn’t figure out how to get past the barrier. At last, he tried to force his way through. He claimed that as soon as he made the effort the library seemed to vanish, leaving behind only a dark and empty space. The decayed body of the little one rose to confront him and the carved statue above fixed him in its gaze; he knew that its silent judgement had found him wanting.

He said he ran then, as voices filled his head, speaking in a language he couldn't understand, but was filled with great power that threatened to overwhelm his mind. He said that by the time he'd managed to get outside, he'd very nearly forgotten everything about himself, right down to his name, and even where he'd been. Indeed, when he was asked if he could point on a map where he'd found the tomb, he was somehow of the impression he'd been far from the mountains where he'd been found. The scholars failed to get anything more useful out of him before he died, his heart giving way in the night.

They searched for themselves, combing the mountains for every secluded valley they could find, but try as they might, every valley they explored failed to yield any hints that it might be concealing the tomb of the blue dragons, and whatever secrets they may have taken to their grave. It was believed that, when the little one had been spotted that last time, the big one was already dead, and entombed, while the little on tended to some last, secret task. But, in the end, their final fate was to remain as mysterious as their origins, and whatever knowledge they possessed is long since lost.

Should you ever choose to look for the tomb yourself, keep in mind the fate of the one who claimed to have found it all those millenia ago. It’s clear that if the tomb does exist, the blue dragons haven’t stopped safeguarding each other, nor the contents of their final resting place. I will confess I looked for the tomb myself, in my youth, imagining perhaps foolishly that I would prove to be worthy of the knowledge sealed away with them. Perhaps, if you went looking, fortune would smile on you. Or, perhaps, you'll decide your time is better spent doing other things than chasing the ramblings of a madman, no matter if truth can be found in them or not.

Written/Told by: Thessus, centaur historian
Contributed by: Fyfergrund

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