By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Wolves of Blood

This professionally-bound book is a story of how an individual can change everything; of standing up for what's right, and inspiring others to do the same.

Bloodwolves. Intelligent, powerful, and the wrong group to pick a fight with.

Regardless, a fight was picked. Heartwood called upon everyone to hunt the wolves that night, in hopes of pushing them out of the forest. And with the large force that they'd gathered, everything went as planned. Many packs were driven away with few losses. What nobody saw coming was where those wolves headed afterwards.

The rather peaceful Glymstar was their target. Having sent out the majority of it's defenses to hunt the wolves that night, the town was left open to attack.

It wasn't a mindless raid though. No, the wolves were smarter than that. They stealthily started kidnapping the youngest elves they could find. Killing all others who got in their way. Glymstar was involved in removing them from their homes, so in return they would steal what made their cold dwellings fit to be called homes. Their children.

It didn't take long before the people of Glymstar realized what was happening. But it didn't make much of a difference. The few guards had been taken out with ease, overwhelmed by the sheer number of wolves. The pack consisted of just over twenty wolves, but they worked efficiently, and with little opposition. The remaining townsfolk were untrained, skilled in other arts than fighting.

The children were practically handed over, the others killed or left to cower and watch. Nobody knew what would become of the children. For now the wolves had kept them alive, but it was questionable as to whether or not they would stay that way.

Unknown to the wolves, was a single hero lying dormant within the town. They'd accidentally awakened a great passionate strength that had quickly headed toward them to make their presence known.

A girl. Seemingly in her mid twenties, dressed in unimpressive brown cloth. Her short brown hair fell to just above her shoulders, with no ear tips to poke out, making it apparent that she wasn't elven. She was human, wielding a single knife pulled from a kitchen, one used only for cutting meat. Overall, nothing stood out about this girl. That was, almost nothing.

She ran out, while everyone was running away, while everyone was hiding, and she yelled, eyes focused on what was clearly the alpha wolf.


None of the wolves did much more than turn to face her. Even the alpha paused when their eyes met. Her eyes. They were a passionate, angry, red. Opened wide to display a fire which seemed to be only seconds away from bursting out. It was enough to instill caution in every one of the wolves. A caution which none of them could understand. This girl was holding a kitchen knife as a weapon, so how could she be so terrifying.

A few moments passed and the girl raised her voice again. "Let those children go," Her gaze tightened and she clenched her teeth. "RIGHT NOW!"

The voice echoed through the town, which had fallen silent now. Everyone was watching, curious as to what was happening. It seemed as if the girl didn't stand a chance, but regardless, everyone held a speck of hope in their hearts.

The alpha never spoke, but did begin moving forward before stopping a few feet from the girl. The alpha was just as cautious as she was curious. Just as much as anyone else, she wanted to know what the girl was hiding.

The girl didn't wait. When the wolf got within range, she was ready to end it. All of her strength burst forth at once. A raging tidal wave rushing for the wolf, fully intent on defeating her.

"Didn't you hear me? I SAID LET THEM GO!"

With a quick slash, the girl was thrown to the dirt.

The wolf had quite effortlessly swept her down. The strength in her heart was just that, it hadn't given her superhuman strength of any sort. Which left the wolf puzzled as she approached the girl lying before her.

"Why?" was the only word to come out of the alpha. That attack was so pointless, why would she do that.

The girl shivered, blood running down her face as she struggled to get up. The kitchen knife had landed a ways away, so she wasn't going to bother getting it. She'd have to use her bare hands. Though, as soon as she stood, the wolf slapped her back down. Leaning over her to ask the question once again.

"Why are you bothering? Can you not see how pointless it is?"

It seemed the alpha wasn't the only one who wanted the answer to that question. Around them, both wolves and elves had frozen, listening intently.

The girl started again. Putting one arm against the ground and pushing up. But this time the wolf shoved her against the ground with her paw, holding her there.

It seemed she had no option, so the girl spoke.

"Because. Somebody has to."

There was a delay, time seemed to fall still for a few moments, but then the wolf sliced the girl's neck, and she bled out.

- - -

With the only interference defeated, the wolves got ready to leave with the children, until a pot came out of nowhere, crashing into the alpha's head.

Then there was more. Every magic user in Glymstar joined in. The magic was weak, but with so many of them, the magic started amounting to something. small fireballs, tiny bits of furniture, they weren't much on their own, but together the attack started to shake the wolves.

The wolves turned around and tried to fight, until a larger pot struck the alpha, knocking her out.

The combination of their powers was enough. The wolves were forced to leave, unable to take the children with them.

- - -

The town achieved a victory that night, despite their losses. The girl was named the hero of that night, though nobody ever learned her real name.

Written/Told by: Dakalith (NPC), author
Contributed by: Thistle

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