By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Beware the Reapers

The fear-inspiring, chanting song warning all of the Death Kingdom's fearsome Demonic Reapers.

The lines of a song are written across the small book, accompanied by colorful pictures. The handwriting is cramped and tight, and the pages are highly decorated. The ink used is a deep maroon - it's believed to be written in blood.

Beware the white, the red, the black
Masters of darkness
Bringers of hate

Beware the white
Stained with lifesblood
Holding sad souls

Beware the red
All without fear
Deadly as sin

Beware the black
Death incarnate
Hating all life

Beware the black, the red, the white
Reapers of Death
Bringers of war


Written/Told by: Izanaki (NPC), former Clan Leader of a Death Clan
Contributed by: Verridith

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