By Tooth And Claw Dragons

Legend of the Baobone

The thrilling legend of a single man who stopped an entire army in the First Demon War.

Legend tells us of a time shortly after the battle between the Wolven Gods, Cirrus and R'rkain. Time alone was not healing the rift between the Dire and Vystrian wolves, vows or no. Young cubs were reigniting not yet forgotten ways from before R'rkain was cast down and blood was already being shed.

Seeing another great divide forming, N'erva, Newly appointed Vhalen of the Myr, knew he needed a way to bring both wolven races together. But Cirrus smiled upon the Myr Vhalen and sent him a dream in which he saw Dire and Vystrian wolves working together to a great victory over the past. Groups of Dire and Vystrian wolfs lifting something together in what seemed to be a great event. A great need settled upon N’ervas heart to bring this dream into the world.

So N’erva settled into a time of great thought, plans and treaties rushing through his mind as he walked along the great shore of Myr Lake. But none felt right, none called to the dream that was still so clear in his mind. It was on one of these walks that he came across an overly large bone. This he suddenly knew was what the two groups in his dream had been lifting. Attempting to pick it up he found the bone heavier than any that he had come across. He knew that this must have been sent by Cirrus himself and weighted with the past. Only with both Dire and Vystrians working together would they be able to lift the bone.

He got the Guard to drag the bone back to the pack, upon his return he told his Vhela of what he had found. Knowing of his dream she sent word to the Chief of the nearest Vystrian pack, telling him of what they had been gifted and of N’erva’s dream.

Shortly after he arrived to view the bone for himself. Upon seeing it he too knew that the dream must be real and that he must work together with the Myr clan to bring the dream to reality. Turning to N’erva he said, “This is the Baobone and it shall be the thing that brings peace between us.”

Thus the Baobone was named.

Together the N’erva and the Chief of the Vystrian wolves spoke long and turned to Cirrus for guidance in creating the game, for now they knew what it was that they were creating.

It was agreed that each team shall have an equal number of Vystrians and Dires within, representing the commitment made to never battle against each other again.

The Baobone would represent the challenges and past mistakes they would need to face as one race as only together they could overcome the past.

Soon the first game was set. Warily, young from both races came, wishing to honour the wishes of Cirrus, who touched each of the players with his presence, bringing to their tongues a chant that is still said today,

Together we overcome
The past, laying behind us.
Victory shall never elude us.

Written/Told by: Hai (NPC), Seer of the Myr
Contributed by: Concinnity

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