The Hellwolf

General Information;

Classified as a very specialized subspecies of demon, hellwolves are split into the four same Kingdoms, each with their own unique attributes and abilities. They serve the Lords and royal families of these Kingdoms very loyally, and are very powerful, on par with the Vystrian direwolf in strength.


Name:: Hellwolves

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 4 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: N/A; depends on the individual

Location Found:: Primarily in Kurai, within whatever Kingdom they're aligned with.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


On Loyalty Hellwolves that serve the royal family of their kingdoms are the elite fighters of the other packs of their kind; they are bound to their kingdom and cannot leave unless they accompany or are summoned by one of the royal-bloods they are loyal to. When a Demon King is on the Throne, the strongest of even these elite `Wolves go to serve the King, their eyes changing to silver to reflect their new station.

On Loners Hellwolves that do not serve a royal family or the King ordinarily remain with their home pack in the Demon Realm for life. However, those with a strong will can sometimes leave the Demon Realm. These are known as loners; occasionally they will find others of their kind in the Realm they find themselves in and create packs of their own; however, the packs will invariably be small, and the Hellwolves will always have a longing for the Realm in which they truly belong: Kurai.

The barghest are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!



Species info credited to Skyeh, Blazeh/Verridith and Mikelus.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Hellwolves are great, demonic wolves ranging from normal size to larger than horse size. Hellwolves are split up into five groups; War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, and the outcasts, each with their own unique features.

War: War Wolves have dark ram`s horns curling just behind their ears and icy blue eyes. The horns grow throughout their lives; wolves of a higher hank in the packs tend to have larger horns than those of lower rank. Their pelt colors vary. As a race, War Wolves are larger than most of the other Hellwolf races, with the smallest adults larger than a full-grown horse. However, they are not as fast as the other races, trading speed for strength. Only a few have wings.

Famine: Famine Wolves are the fastest, trading muscle for swiftness--they are considered the physically weakest of the races. All have wings, either bird or bat. None have horns, and these Wolves are smaller, but use their unmatched speed to strike quickly in a strategy of hit-and-away. Wolves of this race have blazing green eyes.

Pestilence: Pestilence Wolves have amber eyes and lighter pelts than the other races. Second largest race and second fastest, they have a fair balance of skills and their claws are poison, with the older Wolves possessing the strongest venom; this venom is released at will and causes a painful, slow death in a matter of minutes if it is not countered. May or may not have wings. Their stamina is the best out of the other Wolves, and they can run or fly longer than the rest.

Death: Death Wolves possess scarlet eyes, and most have wings though few can fly for long periods of time. Many have straight horns behind the ears, and all have bonelike spikes running down their spines. These Wolves are medium-sized, and have scales dappling their bodies along with fur. Their hides are thick and tough, and though not the fastest nor the strongest nor the largest, have incredible defense. It is oft said that staring into the eyes of a Death Wolf can kill or petrify; whether this ability truly exists is disputed, however much of the Demon Realm`s lore advises against gazing into the crimson eyes of a Death Wolf.

**note;; Outcasts that have been driven out of their packs for one reason or another usually bear the clawmarks of their pack`s Alpha; their eyes also, mysteriously, turn deep violet.

Culture Hellwolves guard the borders between the five territories, keeping outsiders from trespassing. The guard dogs of the Demon Lords, these devils are fiercely loyal to their Demon Lord and the royal family of that territory. Hellwolves have their own unique, strict code of behaviors and such among packs; lawbreakers are treated mercilessly and driven out of the packs to become outcasts, which are roving mercenaries loyal to only those who benefit them. These outcasts are shunned by the other packs and are mainly loners. Wolves with broken pride, they roam the five territories, taking what pleases them and doing as they see fit.

Abilities Hellwolves are empowered with abilities to protect their respective territories. War Wolves are the strongest, Pestilince Wolves can poison their foes and prey, Famine Wolves have the ability to run fast and fly far, and Death Wolves are perhaps the most mysterious of all, with the best defense and rumored powers of petrification and instant death.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 35. Realm of Origin: Kurai.

The first demons were a wild and carefree race, and their divisions were stark, constantly at war. When the first Lords were crafted to take hold of their Kingdoms, that chaos still reigned, and the gods watched on with horror and distaste. Demons both in the same and different Kingdoms fought and killed each other, and the Lords could not be everywhere at once, to order their citizens to stop. The Four Gods came together in a tense meeting, and began to discuss what to do to bring peace to their Realm, lest it be destroyed.

The discussion was long, and filled with emotion. Each god spoke their mind, save for the goddess of Death, for her demons embraced killing above all. However, it's said that the meeting went round and round for hours, before they settled on what to do.

If the Kingdoms continue in such a way. Zailen had intoned quietly, our creations will destroy themselves in a handful of years. We cannot allow this to continue, I believe we all agree on that. So we must decide, before this ludicrous talk evolves into violence: what is to be done?

They must have control. They must have those who uphold the peace. But our demons are proud, and none of those they enslave suffice. Neiren's words were oddly wise for the wrathful dragoness - she looked irritated, very much so, but not as violently angry as she was known to be. That her demons, all of their demons, might destroy one another completely, had perhaps tempered the goddess.

So we design peacekeepers, strong enough to uphold the balance and keep the citizens in check, Orphethas said, clicking his beak. He was, perhaps, the calmest of the gods - indeed, he looked rather bored with the meeting. Perhaps numerous as the demons themselves.

It was then that they looked to Lethias, who had not spoken since she arrived. She had risen, bone-white pelt gleaming, her eyes glowing with light. A smile lit the goddess of Death's muzzle, and she flicked her bushy tail. Give them wolves, she said quietly. Guardians and peacekeepers of the Kingdoms, able to work in packs to take down those much larger or more powerful than them. My Death demons have already shown that wolves are superior in killing prey-

Wolves are not superior to dragons, Neiren snapped acidly, looking at her sister with an expression of severe distaste. However, Orphethas and Zailen didn't speak, looking at one another in silence. Neiren noticed this and fell quiet, glowering with anger. However, when the other two agreed to Lethias' idea, she relented in kind.

It was decided that each Kingdom would have a specific type of wolf-guardian, much stronger than normal, and totally loyal to the Kingdom that they hail from. Lethaos demons, being just beneath n'vaen, were selected for this experiment - each god chose ten lethaos to begin with, and twisted whatever forms they had into massive wolves, gifted with divine strength. They were fearsome beasts that deserved fearsome names, and thus they were dubbed 'hellwolves' by those that created them.

Lethias was the first to shape her hellwolves, and gave her creations bright red eyes and scales beneath their fur; many had skull masks over their faces, and all had long, straight horns that only accented their deadly features. Next, not to be outdone, Neiren granted hers with size and strength larger than the others, along with proud ram horns and bright blue eyes. Zailen crafted his to be smaller and faster, and gave them all wings of various sorts - their eyes shone a bright, arcane green. Last but not least, Orphethas crafted his wolves; true to Pestilence, their eyes gleamed yellow and gold, and their claws and fangs were filled with venom.

The hellwolves were created to be explicitly loyal to their Kingdom, and thus rogues and betrayers were branded with unique purple eyes, marking them as disloyal by their gods. As the gods created more hellwolves to populate Kurai, the Kingdoms began to settle into themselves, and each Lord established a royal, protective pack to govern and oversee all lesser packs. To this day, the royal packs hold sway in their Kingdoms, enforcing the will of their Lords directly.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.


Classification: hellwolf cousins. Location: Hell.

The hellhound originated from rogue hellwolves outcasted and exiled from Kurai; a few of these formed packs in Hell, and were taken in by the current Lord thousands of years ago. Through breeding and adaptation, they survived Hell's merciless lands - the aura of the Realm itself changed them, making them rangy and more muscular, with bigger jaws and longer tails. Each individual began to lose their hellwolf traits, intermingled breeding and Hell's own influence changing them into twisted creatures reminiscent of a mixture of many.

Long-legged, shorter-furred and quite powerful, they hold still Death's scales beneath the fur down their backs, and a brief hallucination-inducing toxin secreted from the tips of their claws. Their large jaws have longer teeth, and the sabres of such often protrude from beneath their lips - some may also be born sporting wings, often flightless, or jagged horns curling behind their ears. Most are dark variations on color, with few markings; the majority are black or dark grey, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Each individual has an ever-present aura around them, appearing as flickering flame - the color depends on whatever reiatsu they might have, and the volume of such varies from hound to hound. Some might be seen as sparks in the dark; others small tongues of flame here and there; still others appear completely engulfed in their own visible aura. This also appears to be the only magic they are able to use; elemental abilities are weak at best, and few may harness anything but their own reiatsu. Thus, they primarily resort to their physical traits alone.

Structured packs of these creatures roam Hell here and there, few in number and hard to control; their allegiance isn't easily won, though they will aid Hell's master grudgingly at times of great need. All answer without question to Linath's authority, however - something they share in common with their creator, the long-dead Master of time's bygone flow.

Classification: ghostly, hellish wolf. Location: originates in Hell and Kurai, but found wherever fear is rampant.

When a hellwolf or hellhound dies with insurmountable attachment to the world of the living, their spirit may manifest a new physical form; that of the barghest, a massive canine that can appear in the form of a twisted wolf, most often a canine of terrible ferocity. They may lose any and all physical qualities they had from when they were alive, and traditionally gain a shaggy - and sometimes unkempt - black coat, armed with huge teeth and claws. Their eyes glow brightly with inner fire, and sometimes their pelt seems to burn with a fell black flame. If old enough, they may gain the ability to move invisibly in the world of the living as ghosts, appearing to savage any who may see them, and the one they seek to kill. However, they are soul-bound to the Lord of their previous life, and cannot attack him under any circumstance. They hold a hatred of everything that lives, and may be set upon others at the order of their Lord. Legend goes that only a royal from the Kingdom they originated from may free them of their bonds and set their spirit to rest, though this has never been tested.