The Kamine

General Information;

The kamine are a unique breed of wolf rumored, at one time, to be the magical offspring of dragon and wolf. These dragonwolves have draconic tails and wings, longer claws, and powerful jaws, and can range in color and ability as any dragon or Vystrian wolf.


Name:: Kamine

Average Lifespan:: 1500 years

Average Height:: 4'0 to 6'0

Average Weight:: Around 400 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


The Fallen;; The Fallen are kamine that possess no wings, possess mismatched wings, or are kamine that are simply cross-bred with another race. Fallen are outcast or killed outright.


Species info credited to Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Kamine are a strange cross between dragons and wolves, rumored to be a magical accident; legend has it that a sorcerer whose species is unknown was trying to create a super-race, but instead gave life to the kamine. Kamine mostly look like wolves, ranging in size from a large cat to well over the size of a horse, with wings that can be feathered or leathery like a dragon`s wings; hybrid wings have been reported, and those with mismatched wings are scorned and driven from their packs by the Alpha. Their eyes and pelt can be any shade of color.

Tactics;; These dragonwolves or dragonhounds as they are sometimes known, are usually peaceful and are excellent protectors. In fact, many of this species are extremely loyal and have an instinct to protect those weaker than they are. However, their natures can be polar opposite; they can be incredibly evil as well, as is true for most species. Pack hierarchy follows as thus: Each pack is ruled by a single kamine pairbond, the "Alphas", followed by three or four high-ranking kamine, or "Betas", all of whom possess the highest combat skill, followed by the rest of the pack. Those lame or too weak to hunt and fight, along with elders, are at the bottom of the pack hierarchy and usually eat last; they are known as "Omegas". Alphas, Betas, nursing mothers, and pups eat first. Kamine are generally peaceable, but tolerate no outsiders in their territories; when a pack member or Fallen is banished, they return to the penalty of death. Hostile intruders are treated much the same way.

Abilities;; Kamine are mostly physical fighters, with the strength of a dragon and the grace of a wolf. They can also use their reiatsu to inflict direct damage, and when one is blessed with control over an element, they become almost a personification of that element and can use it to great extent.