The Saurian

General Information;

The saurian comes in a variety of sizes ranging from extremely massive to tiny and delicate. Along with varying size, they can be quadruped, biped, winged or finned. In the wild, saurian live with their own kind or they live with Xeriin, living and working together. They are generally peaceful and keep to themselves. They possess some degree of elemental magic when they mature and their markings and eye colors reflect their element. They are capable of mindspeech and possess intelligence equivalent a to a human's.


Name:: Saurian

Average Lifespan:: 75-300 years

Average Height:: N/A

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Xaeri or Lizzarkyth.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith and Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Saurians range from massive, scaled carnivores to tiny, delicate flyers, and come in many different forms and varieties: quadruped, biped, winged, or finned. In general appearance, they resemble dinosaurs, but may sport any number of mutations-spikes, feathers, crests, horns, and so on. They vary greatly in size; generally they keep to the size of the traditional dinosaur they resemble, but of course there are exceptions.

Any kind of scale pattern may occur; in addition, most mature Saurians possess bioluminescent markings and an eye color that corresponds to the elemental magic they control. A saurian`s scale color will change in the course of its life. As a hatchling, colors tend to be duller and possess hues of grey and brown. As they age, their colors grow richer and brighter and they gain their bioluminescent markings along with their elemental magic. Dominant males and females tend to possess more intricate patterns of bioluminescence; sick and injured or very old Saurians have duller markings that barely show.

Tactics;;In the wild, saurians live with their own kind, whether in either of their native lands of Xaeri or Lizzarkyth; herbivores to herbivores and et cetera, for the most part. Mature adults gain rank in their tribes by magical power or physical strength, and it is not uncommon for sparring for rank to occur, however this event is highly ritualized. Many choose to live with the Xeriin, with whom they live and work alongside in a symbiotic relationship understood and respected by both sides. In fact, in some Xeriin tribes, the young from both species choose partners for life as soon as they are able. Lyzards also have peaceful relations with this race, but do not share the same degree of codependence that the Xeriin do. Saurians are generally peaceful and secretive, however one must always keep watch when in the territories of the violent war-tribes that do not hesitate to attack outsiders.

Abilities;; Saurians as a whole possess some degree of elemental magic upon maturation, when bioluminescent markings and eye colors change to reflect the element. All are capable of mindspeech and possess intelligence level to a human`s; all are also able to speak the Common Tongue either in mind or rarely in voice. This ancient race passes down ancestral memories of magic and life from generation to generation. On average, a saurian can live three to four hundred years.