The Xeriin

General Information;

Created from humans long ago by the three gods of Xaeri, the xeriin are humanoid creatures with animal features. They are based upon four Kin types - Sky, Forest, Ocean and Myth. Each one within the type that they are born as exhibits features of their animal affinity, and can be as animalistic or not depending on the individual.


Name:: Xeriin

Average Lifespan:: 1000 years

Average Height:: 5'10

Average Weight:: 150 pounds

Location Found:: Xaeri and abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


on Kin types;; Xeriin are classified according to their animal counterparts--there are Sky-Kin, animals with the powers of flight (crows, owls, bats, doves, eagles, etc.); the Ocean-Kin, or the animal affinities with the ability to breathe underwater or swim well (fish, sharks, dolphins, etc.); and the Forest-Kin, made up of the animals who are most at home on land and in the trees (deer, tigers, bears, horses, snakes, ect.) Interbreeding between Kin types is forbidden.

on Myth-types;; Xeriin with the affinities of mythical animals such as dragons and unicorns are not just rare; they are extinct. Once, many types of mythical-type xeriin lived, but the lines eventually faded out of existence. Rarely one will be born, but it will be outcast from its tribe, if not killed outright. Myth-type xeriin are usually only created when two different Kin types interbreed. The law of the tribes is absolute, and based on a cataclysmic event in Xaeri that none other than perhaps the tribe leaders themselves remember.
It is rumored that some Myth-types still exist, disguising themselves as Kin of the type they most resemble.

on tribes;; Tribes are groups of xeriin under the same Kin type. They are usually mixed-breed - for example, foxes can live alongside horses and tigers. A tribe leader and his or her mate rules the tribe; their eldest child will usually succeed them.

on Xeriin children;; Xeriin children usually manifest their affinity at the age of four to five years. Until then, their affinity is unpredictable, but the Kin-type is based on the parents. In this way, a tiger and a fox xeriin could have a child that is a wolf, but never a bird or a fish. This is because of the mixed heritage that many xeriin share; a child may inherit their affinity from their parents or perhaps from an ancestor five generations back. Sky-Kin children fledge their wings at six years, while Ocean-Kin children are born able to breathe both above and underwater.

Myth-Kin xeriin are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!


Species info credited to Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Xeriin are the ancestors of what many know now as the Anima - beings who have the powers of animals at will. Xeriin, however, cannot change back to a fully human form, and have animal features all the time. As for general appearances, they can have the features of wolves, foxes, bears, hawks, fish, deer...any animal you might imagine. Traditionally, many have the hair and eye colors of the animals they represent, but there will always be a few exceptions.

Xeriin, even of the same animal "species", can differ widely in appearance; they can range from looKing almost completely bestial to nearly human. One example is of the horse "species" - a xeriin may look as a centaur in appaearance, or more with the appearance of a faun.

Tactics;; These folk are normally very peaceable, but some tribes of xeriin are warlike, and will not hesitate to attack if you intrude upon their territory. Xeriin tend to group together with others of their Kind - for example, xeriin suited to the forest live in the same tribes, and those that favor the water live alongside others like them. As a whole, they are generally, with the exception of the violent tribes, secretive and shy away from contact with other races, yet will not hesitate to aid another in need, even those such as demons - they are firmly neutral, and many will remain so, even during wartimes. It is common to see saurians in the tribes' homelands; xeriin have long lived and worked alongside the species. In some tribes, in fact, a xeriin is partnered with a saurian for life when both are mature enough to choose.

Abilities;; Their abilities usually depend on their animal counterparts. Some can strike from the sky like crows or falcons; others can attack from the undergrowth as foxes and snakes. Many xeriin have other anatomical differences; a bird commonly has hollow bones and weighs much less than they appear to allow for longer flight, while a tiger or wolf may have larger lungs and heart to run longer and faster; and many others besides. They rely on their animal abilities; as a result, very few, if any, can use magic, and not many have the gift of mindspeech. If one does learn magic, their powers will always be second-class at best. They are adept in long-range weapons such as the bow and arrow, slingshots, and spears, due to their instinctive tendency to shy away from close combat. Some have the ability to use full animal form, but only for a limited amount of time. Only Ocean-Kin xeriin possess the ability to take full human form, though they cannot live without periodically taKing their xeriin form for long; they must live close to fresh or salt water in human form.