The Dwarf

General Information;

Dwarves are a species of short humanoids built more stoutly than the halfling or human. They are known for their bravery and weaponsmithing, as well as their ability to mine rare gems and minerals. Most male dwarves sport thick beards that grow as they age, where female dwarves are beardless.


Name:: Dwarves

Average Lifespan:: 500 years

Average Height:: 3.5 feet

Average Weight:: 100 pounds

Location Found:: Mountainous areas, caverns and hills.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Gnome Living Most gnomes live alongside or beneath the cities of the dwarves, helping with crafting, and otherwise offering their services. As long as they are granted freedom within both their own society and dwarven society, these smaller creatures will remain content. Their golems can be found in most dwarven settlements, and dwarf criminals are often used to power these golems' Soulgems.


Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith, Aehryn, and Fyfergrund.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Dwarves are short and stout, usually standing at four to five feet, with solid, muscular builds. Their faces are similar to a human's, but rougher, as if hewn from stone. The males usually sport bushy beards and long hair, and it comes in every natural color, from blond to black. But the most common colors are brown and red. The females have the same stocky body shape, but their faces are ever so slightly less harsh, and of course they have no beards.

Culture Dwarves prefer to keep to themselves and rarely deal with the other species. They have a strained sort of alliance with the Elves, but still get into arguments with them now and then. In temperament, they are much like a human or Elf; there are good dwarves and bad dwarves, some evil and some noble. But the species as a whole is inclined to be tenacious, warm-hearted, and a bit temperamental.

Abilities The dwarves most celebrated ability is their skill in masonry and metalworking. Dwarf-made weapons are unparalleled even by the Elves, and it is said that they can make a block of cold grey stone look like a living, breathing dragon in moments. Such is their skill. But where they excel in weapon-making and building, they are not as adept at arts such as weaving and painting. In battle, a dwarf is a fierce opponent. They use all types of weapons, maces and hammers and swords and everything in between. They almost always go on foot, as only the sturdiest horses can bear their weight. There have been a few dwarves with magical inclinations, but most cannot use even the simplest of healing spells.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: First Realm.

The one fell before Death’s onslaught, the Ten fled and hid themselves, and war began to consume the First Realm. Balion hid beneath the earth, in deep caverns, and mourned what was lost. But, as he passed through an underground chamber filled with gems that glistened in the darkness, he thought of a race that would help rebuild the broken world.

He took stone, metal, gems, and clay, and formed them into a robust humanoid form. The metal became bones, strong and sturdy. The stone became muscle, thick and powerful. The clay became flesh, tough but supple. The gems became organs, firm and enduring. The form was tall, strong, but still without life when Balion decided his new creation should be shorter than other races, to better pass through the deep tunnels beneath the earth.

He kept the robust shape, but shortened the figure before he ignited life within it. The first dwarf awoke in the depths of the earth, and gazed at his surroundings with awe. To thee I give the gift of knowledge concerning the forming of stone, and gem, and metal into tools, and weapons, for the arming of soldiers and making of stalwart strongholds against those who would do you harm.

The first dwarf was a smith and stone mason, and crafted many weapons and stoneworks to arm and shelter those who remained devoted to the Ten. In time, he became the patriarch of a mighty clan whose name is now lost to all, though many legends claim his line endures.

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Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: Dead.

This Ancient First was a dwarf that looked like a short and robust human, with eyes that gleamed blue and his beard and hair deep red; he wore armor forged of mythril, and is considered to be one of the greatest smiths known in the Realms. He was fiery and stubborn, and had abilities over fire, lightning, earth, and metal.


Classification: small, intelligent dwarf. Location: primarily Evylon.

Small cousins to the dwarven race, what gnomes lack in brawn they more than make up for in brains. They are short and slender, they closely resemble dwarves, although they lack the width of shoulder and strong musculature of their cousins. Those that grow beards keep them well-trimmed and short, and the clothing they wear tends to be close-fitting and durable, but well-tailored and bright. Higher-ranking officials wear bright, flowing robes. Their fingers are long and nimble, but not abnormally so.

Highly inquisitive and inventive, they frequently travel the Realms, seeking out new bits of knowledge. They endlessly petition the dragon Royals for permission to study the study draconic language, undaunted by the unceasing denials. While generally warm and open, their actions and decisions are often based on cold logic.

Due to their small stature, gnomes rely on golems and magic to defend themselves from aggressors. Their magical talents tend towards earth and metal, as well as alchemy and rune-lore, and their approach to learning to control their power is extremely methodical. These golems range in size from small, gnomelike constructs, to large and heavy guardians.

To the gnomes, no knowledge is 'forbidden'. Some things might be more dangerous to study, or greater cautionary measures, but that won't stop them from proceeding. They make frequent forays into other realms in their search for knowledge, and they never cease experimenting with new devices, alloys, or alchemical processes. They have great mental capacity, and incredible magical prowess. Their rune-lore is spectacular, and they have more knowledge of kv'naer and the language of the dragons than most mages. With runes, they can cast layered spells, with runes intertwining to form still-larger runes, and their alchemical accomplishments are unrivaled.