The Phoenix

General Information;

The phoenix is a great bird that comes in fire, ice, and demon varieties. While the fire and ice kinds are traditional and peaceful creatures the demon species are incredibly violent, attacking anything that comes into their territory. Fire and ice phoenixes are invulnerable to their own element and are reborn when killed by magic. These two can decide whether or not they're reborn or die permanently. Demon phoenixes, on the other hand, possess no magic and are reborn from blood.


Name:: Phoenix

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 4 feet

Average Weight:: N/A; Depends on individual

Location Found:: Felnova.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance fire: Fire phoenixes are generally warm-colored and tend to have fiery streaks in their feathers, but there is no set appearance for these traditional fire beings. Although many have swanlike necks and long tail and wing feathers, others may be more hawklike or eaglelike in appearance. These phoenixes tend to have black or gold talons and beaks.

ice: The ice phoenixes, on the other hand, have cooler-colored feathers, and many are mostly white with grays and pale blues and greens and violets instead of the bright plumage of their fiery cousins. This species has thicker feathers and tend to be slightly smaller than fire phoenixes, and also more hawklike than swanlike. Generally, the ice varieties have white or silver beaks and talons.

demon: Demon phoenixes have darker-colored feathers, and rarely if ever does one see a demon subspecies with brightly-colored plumage like their Felnovan cousins. They have been spotted in duller shades of every color. Larger than Felnovan phoenixes, their talons are also longer and jagged-edged.

Culture fire/ice: On the whole, these varieties tend to be more peaceful, fitting the bill of the traditional nonviolent phoenix. Though many are loners and only ever see their own kind to make and raise chicks, a few choose to live with dragons and other creatures of magic.

demon: Demon phoenixes are violent creatures, attacking any that stray into their fiercely-defended territories and scavenging meat, unlike their mostly-vegetarian Felnovan cousins. They usually live in pair bonds all their lives, and rarely associate with other species at all.

Abilities fire/ice: Both varieties of phoenixes can be reborn if they are killed by magic or with reiatsu attacks. They are invulnerable to their respective element, but truly die if slain by a physical attack. Fire subspecies are reborn in ashes as per tradition, and ice phoenixes are reborn after their bodies are frozen as ice and re-formed into a phoenix chick. These majestic creatures can choose whether to be reborn or die permanently. Usually personifications of their element when they do choose to fight. Their tears can heal, and their songs can have a positive effect on the downhearted. Their lifespan is about one thousand years, and they only breed once every two hundred years.

demon: Demon phoenixes possess no magic to fight with, but they hardly need it, as their beaks and talons are weapon enough. If attacked by magic or reiatsu, they can be reborn from the blood of a living creature; in fact, the next to die in the Realm they are in. Their lifespans are five hundred years, but they can breed every fifty years. Many die permanently before their first lifespan is over due to their combative nature.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: 6. Realm of Origin: Evylon.

In the early days of Evylon, Zeldrima paid a visit to that wild Realm in the guise of a great phoenix, spending time with Evylon’s two gods, one who wore the form of an elf, while the other bore the form of a phoenix, as she did. While she was took great pride in her beauty, she was not so vain that she wanted to hoard her beauty to herself, and it struck her as selfish that the only two beings in all the Realms to bear the form of phoenixes should be gods.

The Evylonian gods agreed, for there were already countless elves in the Realms, so why should the phoenix not be the same? The three gods then searched Evylon, and found a beautiful bird perched in a tree, with feathers of rich red, bright blue highlights, and black beak and legs, gleaming in the evening sun. The elven deity gifted the bird with intelligence and power over ice, while the phoenix deity gifted the bird with immortality and power over fire. Zeldrima bestowed upon it the ability to resurrect from its own ashes if it were to be slain by magic, if it so chose, and a fierce anger if provoked.

However, she warned the first phoenix that if it were slain by the sword, or the claw, or any physical wound, its life would end. The first phoenix took this to heart, and went out into the Realm. The three deities watched it fly, then gathered more birds. Some they blessed with fire, some they gifted with ice. Then, feeling they needed a balance, the three took a few, and darkened their feathers and minds, leaving them with little magic, but made them all the fiercer.

Since their creation, most have left Evylon, and settled on Felnova after that Realm’s creation, though a few can be found on other Realms. Many of those that remained on Evylon became even more terrible than those created by the gods in the early days. However, no phoenix has ever shined with such beauty as the first, who is believed to still be alive and free in the Realms.

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Name: Mytharania. Location: sleeps within a dormant volcano located in Anquil, Evylon. Status: Alive.

Nothing is yet known of this Ancient First's appearance or abilities.


Anquil Phoenix
Classification: Demonic, horrific phoenix. Location: Anquil, Evylon.

A solitary, deadly species of phoenix that have thin scales beneath ragged and oily feathers, jagged beaks, and a distinctive, roaring scream. They are immune to magic, much like the roc'a, and are known to eat dark energy, seeking out those with malice in their hearts to hunt as prey.