The Ogre

General Information;

Large, brutish creatures who somewhat resemble vastly oversized orcs. Organized into smallish clans, they are nomadic, commonly found as mercenaries or raiders. Primarily carnivorous, they aren't above eating other sentient species.


Name:: Ogre

Average Lifespan:: 200 years.

Average Height:: 12 feet.

Average Weight:: Over a ton.

Location Found:: Primarily Felnova and Evylon.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Trollkin Regeneration: Trolls and troll hybrids regenerate wounds at a fast rate. Shallow cuts and scratches will heal in a matter of minutes, while regrowing lost limbs or damaged internal organs can take as long as several days. Burns from acid or fire can slow this effect, but removal of the burned flesh will allow the troll to heal normally. While healing, the troll will develop an even greater appetite.


Species info credited to Fyfergrund and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Large, brutish humanoids with mottled skin, usually green in shade although variations are possible, with blues and greys being next most common. Large tusks protrude from their thick jaws. Usually clad in crude hide clothing, and whatever scraps they take a fancy to. They are often about half as wide as they are tall, heavily built and surprisingly nimble.

Tactics;; Aggressive and vicious, they tend to use their size and strength in battle, wielding rather crude but functional weapons, from clubs to cleaver-like blades. The biggest, strongest brute in the clan is almost always the leader, enforcing his or her will with an iron fist. While they can be hired as mercenaries, if the money or supplies runs out, or their contract ends, they can just as easily turn to raiding their former allies.

Abilities;; For all their large size and great strength, ogres are surprisingly quick on their feet. They make up for a lack of skill with their strength and ferocity. They rely on their thick hides for protection in battle, and are just as dangerous fighting with just their bare hands. Their preferred method of beginning a battle is an all-out charge straight at their enemies meant to overwhelm them and disrupt their lines.

Very, very few ogres exhibit any magical capabilities, and with those that do, this magic crude and rather weak, and often not developed.


Classification: creatures resembling ogres with a single eye. Location: abroad.

The average cyclops looks and acts much like an ogre, though somewhat smaller and often bald. Their single eye is centered in the middle of where their two traditional eyes may have been found, and is much larger, and easily discernible from normal ogres. Cyclops will often travel alone, and avoid conflict and contact, only coming together to mate.

Classification: long-lived, fast-healing ogreish brute. Location: elnova and Evylon.

Trolls are large, brutish creatures who stand taller than ogres, and live far longer, with some reaching 1,000 years of age. Their arms are disproportionately long. Males are typically solitary, and very territorial, while females, who are maybe one third the size and weight of a mature male, tend to live together. Young trolls tend to be sinewy, and reach their full height of roughly 15 feet well before they start to gain their full girth. A full-grown male troll with a bountiful territory will often be very broad and rather flabby-looking, with a large paunch and jowls.

Some trolls learn how to camouflage themselves, and change their skin colors and patterns to better blend in with their surroundings. However, this takes a lot of concentration, so it's not common. Most trolls will remain with their normal, typically greenish or grey skin.