The Alicorn

General Information;

A species of equine related to the unicorn. Usually carnivorous and adorned with clawed hooves, forward-set eyes and long, curved fangs. An alicorn pack is considered one of the most dangerous things to roam the face of the Realms, and encountering one can be a deadly experience.


Name:: Alicorn

Average Lifespan:: 30 years

Average Height:: 15 hands (5 feet at the shoulder)

Average Weight:: 2 tons

Location Found:: Forests and plains; generally in Alubria, on Felnova.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith and Saleyne.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Alicorns are the direct cousins of the unicorn and, like them, also come in a variety of colors that exist in the equine world. However, they're very different from their relatives. The defining feature of an alicorn is its fangs - and the bloodlust that accompanies them. They are also known to have spaded tails, forked tongues, barbed horns, and in rare cases, bat-like wings. Ranging anywhere from fifteen to eighteen hands* on average, the wingspan of those with the rare strain of wings is generally proportional to their size. Wings start at the shoulders and the webbing joins to the base of the tail, therefore running the length of the alicorn. They also have a bigger lung capacity and heavier chest muscles than the rest of their species.

Hooves vary from creature to creature. Some may have normal hooves with hooks on the ends while others have a pair of cloven hooves that are more alike to talons than the variant seen in a unicorn, or any variation of the two.

The alicorn also possesses a variety of horns and spikes. A single horn, positioned further down on the face than their kin's, is most common and always barbed, as are the ram and draconic ones that follow in dominance. They also possess a hidden ridge below their manes that secretes a weak poison. To most species, it isn't deadly, but definitely irritating.

*A hand is four inches and height is measured at the withers.

Tactics;; Much like wolves, alicorns travel in packs and primarily hunt at night, swift and silent as feline creatures. They are relatively simple-minded, focusing on their targets with dogged intensity; they won't stop until their prey is dead. However, this makes them calculating. They certainly aren't stupid by any means.

When hunting, a pack will spread out and run prey back towards the center of the area where they are positioned. They will then surround it and kill it. Who eats first is dependent on the hierarchy which, despite being a pack, functions more like a herd.

There is one lead stallion and one lead mare, though it is not defined by who is mated to whom so much as it is attitude and strength. Challenges may be made but whoever looses is run out of the pack. It is possible to survive alone, but much harder - and much riskier.

Abilities;; With their sabers, sharp hooves, horns, and poison, every part of their body can be used to hurt another. The weak are slain without thought or compassion, then eaten to nourish the pack - after all, alive they were only a hinderence. At least this way, they supply the energy needed for an alicorn's uncontrollable magic. When they reach a certain age, they gain access to this well and use it to dominate the others, killing their enemies. Thankfully, they rarely get the chance to live such a long time. The average lifespan is only thirty years.