The Veldryn

General Information;

The veldryn is a greyhound-like beast, covered in sleek scales that range in colors from dark black to light grey. Many have a fluffy mane with a similar tuff of fur on their tails. They live underground mainly in artificially-crafted caverns. The veldryn can understand any number of languages, including the ancient dragontongue but none of them can learn to speak them. They communicate with a series of barks, whistles, growls, and hisses. The veldryn is a very swift creature with very little magic.


Name:: Veldryn

Average Lifespan:: 10,000 years

Average Height::4 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: 300 pounds

Location Found:: Felnova.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; The veldryn is a lithe greyhound-like beast covered in sleek scales, each ranging from a dark black through a light grey, and very rarely white. They have serpentine tails and pointed muzzles, small slits for nostrils able to close against the harsh desert wind. Many sport a fluffy mane between their fur-tufted ears. In some cases, a mutation causes the small tufts to be replaced by a short ridge of small spikes or horns. On the end of their tails there is a similar tuft, though leonine, sometimes stretching to meet the mane running down the back. There may or may not be talons on the paws, as there is a chance of horns growing along the shoulders and studding the wrists.

Tactics;; Veldryn live underneath the Exodus Desert and Darklight Mountains, in a system of both natural and artificially-crafted caverns deep underground. Once a desert-swelling race, they are led by a single entity - the White Veldryn that speaks all tongues, to this day nameless even to his followers - with a loose civilization based around a set of basic rules set by their superior. if a veldryn steps out of the boundaries set by the White One, punishment can be severe, unless strict and formally-given permission is granted. A lone veldryn unknown by those hidden away will, however, always be welcomed.

The unique way in which they speak is considered a trait among all but the White One. All veldryn are able to understand any number of languages, even the ancient dragontongue, though they cannot learn to speak these. Instead, they communicate with a variety of noises, including a series of barks, whistles, chirps, clucks, growls, clicks and hisses. When speaking to one who doesn't understand, they will try to show their meaning with roughly-drawn images in the sand, or body language. Often a veldryn will get frustrated with trying to talk to another and simply leave, asking a different veldryn to take up the task if of any import.

All veldryn also have a special bond with one another, forged through the spiritual and mental plane that connects each as surely as dragon and rider. When one dies, all will feel the death and mourn - when one is in trouble, they may send out a call to their brethren much like that of the deathcat's. It is said that they share some distant genetic link to the great sabres, but this knowledge is believed to be fabricated. The similarity is merely coincidental.

Abilities;; The swiftness of a veldryn is rivaled only by those runnerdrakes and long-legged odius sin, the finer points of maneuvering and evasion honed through many years of evolution. They have little magic, mostly that of small healings and some of the wind, most lost in time. Rarely, a veldryn will be granted a period of mastery in a certain element befitting what lies within their spirit, called the Rage or Fury by the White One.

There is great risk in this. After the Fury has taken hold, if the veldryn cannot control it fully, it will consume them from within; a very painful and terrible way to die. The worst punishment a veldryn may face is an induced Fury in containment, their level of power forced so high it has no choice but to turn on the user.