The Undead

General Information;

The undead are those that have been brought back to life by a necromancer or death-mage. They are a rotting corpse that has been granted another life. They appear as a skeleton in armor or ragged clothes and are not very intelligent. Some undead are of higher intelligence and will look more like the appearance they took in life. They exist only to take life and sate their thirst for blood. Many undead retain the abilities they had in life.


Name:: Undead

Average Lifespan:: N/A

Average Height:: N/A

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Originates from Hell.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;;The undead, or those that have been brought back via a necromancer or death-mage, are those rotting corpses who have been granted another life. Often appearing as mere skeletons in armor or ragged clothing, these are the lowest class and the least intelligent. Common features include lightless eyes, oily, dry or dead-looking hair, corroding skin and clothing that hangs in rags. Those of a stronger will and higher intelligence may look more like the appearance they took in life, having ashy skin and faded hair, though any wounds they receive will not heal.

Tactics;; Many have little intelligence and stirring of emotion, and thus exist only to take life, sate their own thirst for blood spilt on the edge of a blade. Some have retained a will of their own and gone against the necromancer that brought them unto undeath, traveling with their own lives.

Abilities;;Most of the undead retain the abilities they had in life. Dragons to their elements, physical prowess and magic, humans to their weapons, demons to their speed and cunning, gryphons to their flight, etc.


Classification: sarka-created undead. Location: abroad.

Though undead are a common occurrence, from skeletal, ancient figures to freshly-dead and rotting individuals, the banshee is a much rarer and more powerful sort. Primarily humanoid, a banshee can be either male or female, and appears much like they did in life. Their skin takes on a deathly pallor and they may manifest from their initial Raising as either physical beings, or wraithlike creatures, with some rarer individuals being able to shift between the two. They often wear dark, spiked armor or the bones of their prey, and they do not rot as lesser undead may.

The banshee are a specific type of undead Risen by unique sarka necromancers, usually slain enemies on the battlefield, and sent to assault whatever these sarka are currently attacking. As such, after the battle is done, they are either left to their own devices or outright slain. Unlike typical undead, however, the banshee are gifted with a sliver of the sarka's power themselves, and are able to summon a piercing, horrific wail, one that may injure or even kill whatever target may be in range. They cannot aim this sound, and it affects all nearby, save for the sarka or other banshee that may have been brought back to life. Most often, a banshee scream will not kill another - but paralyze them so that either the sarka, or the screaming banshee, may deliver the killing blow.