The Terravyrn

General Information;

The terravyrn is a rare and elusive species of dragon. They have long necks and tails with manes similar to those of a horse. They have a singular horn on their forehead and eyeless sockets, both partially covered by the mane. Their scales range in colors and enjoy decorating themselves with a multitude of jewelry.


Name:: Terravyrn

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 6 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: 500 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Lost Terravyrns There exists a modernized subspecies of terravyrn with more dragonlike traits; said to have left Terra long ago, interbreeding with western dragon populations in Felnova and Millirand, they are a rare strain that can be found in amid other dragon species.

Lost terravyrns are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!



Species info credited to Valefor and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance The terravyrn is a rare and elusive species of dragon. With long necks and tails, they are delicately built and they have manes reminiscent of a horse's. The forelock falls around a singular horn to cover eyeless sockets; notwithstanding their ability to see is unaffected. From this horn comes the basis of their magical abilities, of which will be covered in the next two sections. Short-bodied and long-legged, each foot has three fingers tipped with points, though no claw. Their tails can be as long as their bodies and are often tipped with a lionlike tuft of fur at the end, varied by individual. Their scales may range in color from a soft pink to deep purple, and any shade of blue, as well as a mixture of each. White and black can be born through crossbreeding, and purebred terravyrns in these colors have supposedly died out long ago. They are also quite fond of decorating themselves with a multitude of jewelry, such as gold chains, beads, even small trinkets such as leaves or stones.

Culture This species is very like the western dragon of Felnova and Millirand, possessing the same level of intelligence. They also appear to be somewhat aloof and often are found alone, away from the company of other dragons and their riders. Some terravyrns are bitter about what befell their homeland of Terra, and can be quite querulous when the subject is breached. Older terravyrns are very wise, as they age far slower than a dragon, and have a much slower metabolism. They may live for ten thousand years and still be in their prime.

Abilities A terravyrn has the uncommon ability to absorb elemental magic without taking damage; however, non-elemental magicks, physical attacks and those based around reiatsu can have devastating effect. They cannot possess a normal dragon's abilities, as they have a power of their own dubbed 'flare' magic, a reiatsu-like combination of energy and non-elemental force unique to the terravyrn itself. A terravyrn may also summon the spirits of terravyrns past, though the ability is rare.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: Terra.

Long ago, the Ten gazed upon the Realms, and were pleased. The Dark Five were imprisoned, and although peace might not have been as widespread as most them would’ve preferred, the Realms were stable, and their creations thriving. Many thousands of years had passed since the fall of the First Realm, and, while that Realm’s beauty would never be forgotten, the Ten were pleased with the new Realms they had created.

However, one day, they were greeted with an unusual sight while gazing upon their creations. A number of dragons had entered their Realms, but dragons the likes of which the Ten had never seen. Dragons none of them had any part in creating, but lacking any of the malignant essence that marked those creatures created by Death or the Dark Five. The Ten debated among themselves concerning these strange dragons until Gaz’in, driven by insatiable curiosity, approached them in the guise of a large owl.

Who are you? From where do you hail, and what do you seek? he inquired. The strange dragons regarded him with empty eye-sockets, but saw him clearly. We are terravyrns from Terra. We are seeking our gods. They have left our world, and we do not know where they have gone, they answered. Gaz’in left them, and pondered their words for a time, while the rest of the Ten discussed what he had learned.

L’zayn approached them next, in the guise of a beautiful mare. Though you are strange to us, and our Realms, we invite you to dwell here, and pledge to watch over you as we would any of our own creations, she invited. The terravyrns discussed her offer among themselves, and several of them decided to stay, while the rest decided to return to Terra, grieved that those who remained were effectively lost to them.

The terravyrns who remained on the Realms intermingled with native dragons, and eventually interbred with them, adapting to life in their new home and losing some of what made them so unique, though they still retained their otherworldly appearance. They, in turn, knowing they could never return to Terra, called themselves Lost Terravyrns. Centuries would pass before any other pure terravyrns appeared in the Realms, and when they did, they came as refugees, fleeing the destruction of Terra itself.

They never spoke of what had caused the destruction of their Realm, and most of the survivors kept to themselves as they spread across the Realms, dispersing into remote wilderness lairs. To this day, they remain elusive, and mysterious. Whatever gods created them seemed to have left them to their fate, and themselves are victims of a fate unknown, much like mysterious Terra itself.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.