The Souleater

General Information;

A vicious breed of soul-devouring dragon with vast wings. They have a mane of silver fire spanning down their neck, and are generally not very intelligent. They cannot speak and only communicate with each other throw screeches and snarls. The souleater eats mental and spiritual strength and they feed of the reiatsu of both.


Name:: Souleater

Average Lifespan:: 30 years

Average Height:: 15 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: unknown

Location Found:: Originates from Hell.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance Originally a incarnation of Kairn's, this species has spread its way through its abilities, listed below. They appear to be a long, snakelike dragon with vast wings, tattered at the edges, and very smooth-scaled. Silver fire forms a mane that runs down the back of their neck, between the wings and to the tip of their tail, edged in bloody red. Their claws, though not as large as a sarka's in comparison to their body proportions, are especially big.

Culture Souleaters are not intelligent. They can't speak and communicate with eachother through various screeches and snarls, and will more often then not lose prey if it vanishes through a portal instead of following with a portal of their own.

Abilities Souleaters are eaters of mental and spiritual strength, and they feed off of thought and reiatsu both. They have an incredible mental presence despite their lack of intelligence, and can overcome the consciousness of nearly anything by sheer will alone. They can then use their victim's reiatsu to create copies of themselves; and if a souleater becomes powerful enough, it may turn invisible and use the soulforce in ways only the original owner could.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: Hell.

It is said that souleaters were once dragons; that they were the spirits of the deceased, those evil enough to be dragged down to Hell. And while part of this is true, the souleaters were never formed from the spirits of the deceased; but by those so evil to be entrapped by the Lord of Hell before their time. Souleaters were once malicious dragons in Hell's darkest depths, yes; but they were, and are, very much alive.

Once, when Lord Kairn reigned as Hell's Spirit King, he watched ambitious dragons filled with ill intent come into his Realm seeking power. As they were overcome by his countless undead, he reflected upon Hell's overburdening of souls and pondered what to do with the malicious beasts; all who came sought power, but were inevitably overcome with the sheer mass of dark souls and shambling undead. Perhaps, he thought, he could offer them the power they sought.

But at the cost of serving Hell forever.

The first dragon he captured - a black wyvern with purple markings - he brought immediately to Castle Oblivion, locking him away in one of the castle dungeons. Pondering, the mage considered what he would need to do - and what the dragon would need to be capable of. A devourer of souls, perhaps similar to the eater of dreams he had seen a few times, created by one of his ancestors; one who hunts the darkest of the dark, eradicating them… and of those, there were plenty. But, should it have too great a power, and too large an appetite, then it would become a nuisance needing to be slain.

Slowly, a plan came to him, and he sought counsel with his god, Shiranui, the divine being that lorded over all fragments of the Spirit Realms within the Void. With the god's blessing, he returned to his captive, and began working on spells that would alter the wyvern's shape. Shiranui's power filled him, and the magic came as easy as breathing; his reserves became limitless, and Kairn tasted godhood, which would haunt him for the rest of his days.

It became thinner, and longer, with wide and strong wings; he forced upon it spells of loyalty, and burned rebellion out of its mind. Finally, the Spirit King gave it the gift of hellfire, and watched as vents opened in its hide, spouting Hell's reiatsu as all but the core of the beast's original soul was burned away. Hellfire burned from these vents, curling in the new beast's maw, and glimmering from angry eyes. I will aid you in making more of these, a voice whispered in his head. I will help you create more souleaters, until your population can sustain itself. Remember, Kairn; do not over-create, nor misuse my gift unto you.

"I will not, my Lord," Kairn breathed. He went on to capture and change twenty others, with Shiranui's power; each one changing like the first, shaped into sharp-bodied wyvernlike creatures who burned with hellfire in their souls. At last, he had thirty individuals, over the course of several years - a nearly even split of male and female. The first hatchling born cracked from a large egg in a burst of hellfire sparks, and thus did the souleater species begin to expand.

Though souleaters now live very short lives, they are some of the most feared of all predators; for to destroy a soul is a sin in of itself, and should only be used against the most sinful of all who dwell amid Hell's darkest depths.

Name: N/A. Location: N/A. Status: N/A.

This species did not have an Ancient First.