The Siren

General Information;

The siren often appears as a beautiful woman, excessively seductive in the eyes of their victim. They can appear as young or old, based on the victim's desires. Most sirens are females but males do exist. The sire uses a melodic song to draw their victims in and is extremely difficult for any male to resist. The older sirens are able to hold their victims longer and more easily. Sirens often inhabit cities by the sea, ensnaring sailors most often.


Name:: Siren

Average Lifespan:: 200 years

Average Height:: 5'10

Average Weight:: 150 pounds

Location Found:: Cities by the Sea.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


On Songs;; No two siren have the same song and each is specific to one's own self, very much like a zebra and its stripes. A siren's song is their identity. Should their song get mimicked, a siren will go to any lengths to stop the copycat; even if it risks their own life or causes their own death. Should a siren lose their ability to sing, the siren no longer is able to call themselves a siren. They lose all connections to their peers and are unable to remember their former abilities. They will appear as their true appearance, no longer able to change for a victim's desires, and have no control over their scent. It will appear as a typical siren's scent, but muddied at the loss of their identity. The only remoteness of their prior abilities is their elemental ability should they have been lucky enough to obtain one before.

On Society;; Sirens typically are recluses and stay to themselves. It is not common to see a siren with another siren unless they are working together for a short duration. They often are standoffish to one another and believe that they are more beautiful than the next, hence why they do not stay with one another. It has been known for two sirens to get into a fight over who is prettier than the next. This has sometimes been noted to end in death.


Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith, Skyeh and Hitsugaya.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; The siren often appears as a beautiful woman, perfect to suit a man's taste. Sirens are known to appear excessively seductive in the eyes of their victims. They can appear as young or as old as the desired victim pleases, and constantly change appearance for their victim's desires. Aside from this, each siren has a 'true' form without the glamour of seduction; much like any human, elf or any other humanoid creature. However, in the eyes of their prey, they may appear more beautiful and desirable when under the effect of the siren song. Many sirens also are found with long, tapered wings attached to their shoulders and folded along their backs.

Often, it's much easier for a woman to tell a siren than it is for a man. While sirens are gorgeous women, there is an air of magic around them that only those outside of the spell can detect. Should a woman siren be in the presence of another woman of any species, the other may notice strange aura around the siren, but are not able to judge it correctly unless they've encountered a siren before.

Most sirens are also female. Male sirens do exist, but are extremely rare. Males tend to have larger, stronger wings compared to their feminine counterparts and almost always have them. Most of the information regarding males is similar to the females.

Tactics;; Sirens use a melodic song to draw their victims into their trap. Their song is spellbinding and extremely hard to resist for any male of most humanoid species; even those with strong minds. The older, more experienced sirens are able to hold their victims easier and for a longer duration than the younger sirens. A younger siren may not be able to hold their victim in their song for long and can easily be broken from.

Most everything they do is for their own betterment. Older sirens are much more wary of being caught than younger ones; thus, an older siren may live among the general populace for many years before being caught. They entrap members of the opposite gender for reproduction (as males are quite rare), pleasure and servitude. More often than not, once whatever task they set for their victim is done, they will kill them and discard the body, seeking new pleasures from a new victim. Sailors are most often targeted; many sirens inhabit the cities by the sea.

Abilities;; Their mind-controlling songs are the sirens' most deadly weapon - but others have been known to have elemental magics, or the ability to fly should they have wings. Not all sirens with wings are able to fly, as they can be more for display than anything else. The males typically have strong enough wings to be granted flight. They are able to have simple, weaker elemental abilities such as creating snowflakes for an ice elemental or a small flame for a fire elemental, but full control is extremely rare if unheard of. If a siren does happen to gain full control, they hide their abilities from the rest as sirens with too much power have been known to cause chaos and are outcast from their peers. Should anyone outside of the sirens find one with this kind of power, they are hunted down and eliminated in fear of their chaotic nature.

Sirens typically are able to manipulate their scent and mask the smell to appear as another creature. However, only adults are able to have complete control. Younger sirens have been known to practice but it isn't until they reach maturity that they are able to control it fully. While even the most experienced siren can mimic another's scent, there is always a small reminiscence of their siren scent in the forged one. The more experienced, the more likely another creature cannot detect it.