The Shadowbeast

General Information;

The shadowbeast is divided into two main categories, the Mori and the Olath. The Mori is the smaller of the two, shaped like a small greyhound, lithe and graceful. The Olath is a much larger beast, dragon like in appearance. These two types of shadowbeasts have completely control over the Dark Realm. The only magic they possess is that of dark energy, they can use this energy to heal one another with darkness. Light magic is devastating to them.


Name:: Shadowbeast

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: Mori: 5 feet at shoulder Olath: 35 feet at shoulder

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Dark Realm.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Mori shadowbeast:: A lithe, greyhound-like beast that mixes the qualities of a deer, horse, dragon and bird. Wingless and always colored black or dark grey, they stand anywhere from a foot to six feet at the shoulder, legs delicate and tipped with small, curved talons. A mane of jet black cascades in thick waves from the point of their shoulders down their back, ending in a horse-like tail that normally drags on the ground. Their draconic faces are narrow and framed with a frill of feathers, and sometimes two thin horns curve back just behind or above. They also have blue-tinted horns running down the back of their necks and a fan of fur on the backs of their forelegs.

Olath shadowbeast:: A dragonlike beast, usually several stories tall, though some only grow to be about eight feet nose to tail-tip. They are black and have two pairs of feathered wings, one main set and a much smaller set, located near the hindlegs. A fan of feathers graces their tails, and long horns sprout from their heads. Their legs are very long and three-toed, mostly clawed, the center talon being much larger than the others.

Other:: Lesser shadowbeasts exist that don't fall into either category; they can be anything from a cat to a dragon, usually ethereal-looking and translucent. Nearly all are colored in shades of black.

Tactics;; The first shadowbeasts were born of shadow, created when the Realm of Darkness was first conceived and brought into being. The creatures came in all shapes and sizes, but many were unintelligent and soon died out merely of starvation because they couldn't hunt for themselves. Those that were similar banded together and formed a sort of nation within the Shadowrealm, eventually spreading to Realms farther and farther away from their birthplace.

The two types - one, the Mori, the lesser royal; and two, the 'divine' shadowbeast, the Olath - took control of the Dark Realm, and everything in it. They look down on the lesser 'beasts with distaste, and rarely commingle with others not of their species. Those that have wandered are usually welcomed back, but frowned upon if having spent too much time with other inferior races.

Though not evil, shadowbeasts of any kind are pulled into a desire to bring others of every species into the darkness; whereas lightbeasts may be gentle and kind in their persuasion, shadowbeasts lean towards more primitive forms of threat or dark pleasure. The stronger Olaths have the ability to transform those with wholly dark hearts into lesser shadowbeasts, though this power is used very sparingly.

Abilities;; Shadowbeasts of all kinds control darkness, and usually nothing else. The strongest among the Olath and Mori have the ability to avoid fatal wounds by making their bodies insubstantial and shift their forms around such weapons as steel and wood, though magic of any kind may do damage - the magic of light can be devastating. Using their dark energies, they may heal one another with that darkness, though other methods of healing also work.