The Rathar

General Information;

The rathar is an immense beast greatly comparable to a fox. Males are bigger than females, who are built more for speed. Males come in brighter colors than females and both have short spikes of protruding bone along their spine. Rathar are impervious to magic and are quite intelligent. They go into a dormancy for up to a third of their life, to delay their death.


Name:: Rathar

Average Lifespan:: 200 years

Average Height:: 10-14 feet, 10-15 feet in length

Average Weight:: 2 tons

Location Found:: Felnova.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Darkeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Rathar are very basically compared to immense foxes, although there are plenty of differences. The first and foremost being size; male Rathars usually reach a height of twelve to fourteen feet, length varying from ten to fifteen feet, including the long plumy tail. Females are smaller but built for faster speed and better agility, reaching heights of ten to thirteen feet and lengths from eight to twelve.

Secondly, color. As most animals in the wild, the male is flashier, with bright, eye-catching colors such as a full, rich red or a thick, lustrous gold. Females are more subdued in greens and blues or sometimes brown, rarely, very rarely, black. There are no black males.

Thirdly, structure. All Rathar, male or female, have short spikes of protruding bone along strategetic places on their body -- elbow, knee, spine, neck. These spikes lay flat under the fur (which is impervious to all kinds of magic and highly valued for this property), until use, where they lock in place as a deadly natural weapon. However, as they impede movement, it isn't often you'll be fortunate enough to see this unless you attack. Rathar pups have soft spikes that harden with age, and lighter pelts; they darken as they get older until reaching the 'adult hue'.

Tactics;; As listed above, Rathar have the bone-spikes and magic-proof fur to their advantage. They're a very physical race, able to keep pace with a dragon in flight, sometimes for up to a full twenty-four hours. Favourite means of attack; head-on, and they can be vicious. Once a Rathar's jaws are clamped around a shoulder or an arm, be prepared to lose a healthy chunk.

Abilities;; Rathar are impervious to magic. They're also quite intelligent, and live for upwards of two hundred years. However, very few can live past three hundred. When a spell strikes a Rathar's coat, it's absorbed; the Rathar is then able to use the energy to fuel itself if tired or hurt. It won't erase the wound, but it will numb the pain and fill the body with adrenaline. It's quite feasible for Rathar to never eat, living off of the energy taken from spells meant to kill. However, they are as easily susceptible to blade or poison as any other, and there is no coming back.

One last ability; Rathar are able to go 'dormant', hibernating for up to a third of their lifetime and delaying death. They are vulnerable to outside influences, but will go into a state of half-life. It prolongs life for up to fifty years, but costs nearly twice as much in 'dormancy'. This ability was used after the early wild dragons when a mild calamity shook Felnova's face and drove the Rathar into slumber. Only two of that reputed race have resurfaced alive so far.