The Mythkin

General Information;

The mythkin is an ancient species of dragonhunter created through a strange ritual of dragon's blood and human bone. They are very graceful, and tend more towards metallic shades in their long hair and eyes. They are gifted warriors with the bow and arrow, knives, and swords, as well as other weapons. They are blessed with enhanced senses and abilities that allow them to rival their prey of choice with relative ease. Mythkin do not mate, but are able to choose pairbonds for love alone.


Name:: Mythkin

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 6 feet

Average Weight:: 200 pounds

Location Found:: Felnova & Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Birth;; Mythkin are born in a sacred ritual that combines the blood of a dragon, the bones of a human, and molten Mythmetal, a metal that the most gifted Mythkin can refine from the earth as particles of it exist in most magic-saturated locations. To renew this ritual and avoid turning into a metal statue or simple death, Mythkin must, once a fortnight, drink dragon blood and consume human bone.

Names and Clans;; All Mythkin, unless outcasts, belong to one of three clans: Lightshatter, Nightstriker, and Fellblade. There are a few smaller clans, but these are looked down upon and were generally created by outcasts of the main clans. Mythkin names follow the format: "clan name" vi{female}/vo{male} "personal last name" "first name". For example, Lightshatter vi Nairien Faelle.


Species info credited to Darkeh and Skyeh.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Mythkin are generally graceful in appearance, whether male or female, with lean muscles - this is a warlike race, after all. Their hair and eye colors tend to be metallic shades, such as silver-blue, silver-emerald, or the like. Both genders wear their hair long. The eye color will normally match the hair color, with perhaps a few shades` difference. All Mythkin also have distinctive tattoo-like markings down both arms, across the upper back, and on the back of the neck and hands. These markings are warmer colors such as rose and gold for females, and cool colors such as aqua or jade-green for males. Occasionally a Mythkin with have a "switched" color, but it does not happen often. Skin colors are normally from very pale to slightly tanned.

Tactics;; Mythkin do not mate, nor do they choose lovers, as they are "born" like no other race. However, they do choose a pairbond if they do fall in love; this pairbond is scandalous if outside their own clan, especially outside the Mythkin race. The pairbond partners live and fight together, supporting each other with undying loyalty, even after one is killed or dies. Mythkin are a race naturally suspicious of other species, the "nature-born" species as they call them. Most are firmly neutral, only doing what is best for their kind, but there are rare exceptions. Mythkin are masters of war, and young are taught from the earliest age to fight. When a child is "born", it is assigned a pairbond that effectively become its parents, teaching it the ways of the race and the ways of war.

Abilities;; Gifted warriors, this race excels in the use of bow and arrow, knives, swords, darts, spears, hammers, maces, halberds - basically any weapon at all. Mythkin are naturally incredibly gifted with metalworking and smithing; all use weapons that they make themselves as per tradition; a Mythkin who cannot metalwork is looked down upon. The most gifted of Mythkin, the oldest, can actually turn pure element or a few other materials into metal sculptures for a limited amount of time. All Mythkin have two animal forms, though neither can have the ability to fly. Mythkin cannot use elemental magic, though some of the talented ones can animate metal and metal-based objects such as statues, though this takes massive amounts of energy the larger the object is. This race is blessed with supernatural speed, endurance, and strength, as well as enhanced senses - the gifts humans most covet.