The Kirin

General Information;

The Kirin is an ancient cousin of the unicorn and deer-like in appearance. They are good at running quickly for long distances and have long heavy manes from skull to midback. They are hunted by some of the top predators in Kurai, but possess a great number of natural defenses. They possess a diverse range of magical abilities including metal bending, forsight and shaping illusions.


Name:: Kirin

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 3.5 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: 250 pounds.

Location Found:: Kurai

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Horns;; Approximately every five years a kirin's horn is shed to make way for a new, larger horn which grows to full size within a few weeks. This time is particularly dangerous for them as their magic is weakened considerably when their horn is incomplete and any venom utilized is typically less potent. Those with a broken horn are considered outcasts by others of their species and are fiercely rejected if they seek to mate or join a family group.

Darklilly Plain;; A relationship has developed between the black flowers of Kurai's Darklilly Plain and the qilin, the kirin's predatory cousins. The qilin lure their prey into the flowerfields, injuring them with particular violence. The flowers work to kill the prey faster, and serve as camouflage for the qilin to hide. The mutual benefit results in the Darklilly Plains being a very dangerous place indeed, both blood-drinking flowers and dangerous qilin well fed.


Species info credited to Daweia and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; An ancient cousin of the unicorn, the kirin of Kurai are quite deer-like in appearance with a light, muscular build that enables them to run at great speed for considerable distances. Thick protective scales cover their spine, shoulders and thighs, tapering into leathery skin and a long, heavy mane runs from their skulls down to the middle of their back. This is often complemented by an extended tuff which begins half way up their tail, though they are also known to be serpentine in appearance on rare occasions. Kirin possess only one horn, generally antler-like with sharp points that enable them to deposit a paralytic venom in defense against predators. Sharp, split hooves can sometimes resemble claws, with a dewclaw on each ankle for defense. They come in a vast variety of colors, from red and green to gold and black, but are generally born a solid color and gain others later in life based on their magical affinity.

Tactics;; As a species hunted by some of Kurai's top predators, the kirin have developed a number of natural defenses. Until about twenty years of age, by which time they have usually gained mastery over their primary magic and attained their first markings, they travel together in small family groups. On rare occasions siblings with a close bond will stay together after this point but most strike out on their own, coming together only to mate. In general kirin call upon their profuse magical strength for security, however with sharp hooves, claws and an envenomed horn their physical defenses are also a considerate threat in combat. While they are generally a peaceful species they will not hesitate in fighting back when threatened.

Abilities;; A kirin's magical abilities can be as diverse in nature as a dragon's and extremely powerful, particularly in the species' Ancients. Elemental affinities are common but other skills such as the bending of metals, foresight, shaping illusions and harnessing reiatsu also appear quite frequently, while others such as the warping of time or space in small expanses have also been known to manifest on very rare occasions. The venom in their horn is poisonous to most of the predators which hunt them as well as hybrids of any species, causing temporary paralysis and occasionally hallucinations. In highly concentrated amounts, this venom can be deadly; it is almost always deadly to half-demons and most demon hybrids.


Classification: dragonlike kirin. Location: widespread, but rare.

The qilin is a rather more draconic cousin of the kirin, predator more than prey. Though their horns lack the kirin's distinct venom and their colors show no sign of what ability they might possess, they sport harder scales and long, serrated fangs. Double-horned and cloven-hooved, the qilin sports a scaled muzzle and a luxurious mane, as well as a short tufted tail with long, thick hair. Loners, these creatures attack with a mixture of potent magic and fierce strength, using their hooves and fangs as weapons like any dragon would. Instead of being herbivores, like their kirin cousins, the qilin are omnivores - able to eat both plants and hunt animals, though a diet of mostly meat is quite common.