The Application

Welcome to the application page! We like to be able learn a little of our newbies before they join, so we have a short (and fun) app for you to fill out and submit to a member on Council. The links located at left hold our user accounts, and applications must be submitted via email.

Joining form

what should we call you?;;
(your nickname. please ask Blazeh if your name is similar to another member's, and we'll see what we can do.)

what is your gender?;;
(what are your preferred pronouns?)

where did you find about us from?;;
(were you referred to us by a member? if so, let us know here so we can give them a huge hug!)

how long have you been role-playing?;;
(one month? a year? several years? your whole life? ...whoa dude. from a baby. niiice.)

what would your first character be like?;;
(give us a brief summary of what you think your first character may be like! what species will they be? what abilities do you see them having? have fun with your concepts!)

what other genres of role-play have you done?;;
(any others? fantasy wolf, maybe? warriors? twilight [shudder]? gifted?)

you're lost in a cave, and there are three tunnels. which one do you choose?;;
(one sparkles with crystals, one is filled with vegetation, and the last is dark and spooky...)

grab the nearest book, turn to page 27 and type line 6. what does it say?;;
(yes. this is win. total win. :D and now you have me curious.)

(your life, it depends on this.)

role-play sample time!;;
(here we will have you reply to an already-done post written by myself [Blazeh]. please make it at least three paragraphs, and include dialogue and interaction! treat it as a (at least somewhat) serious role-play! it will be the thing you will be judged most on. thank you!)
[ click this link to go to the sample to reply to ]