The Application

Welcome to the application page! We like to be able learn a little of our newbies before they join, so we have a short (and fun) pre-play app for you to fill out and submit to our admin email. Applications must be submitted via email to

Remember, this is a pre-play joining app, not a character application! <3

Joining form

what should we call you?;;
(your nickname. please ask Blazeh if your name is similar to another member's, and we'll see what we can do.)

what is your gender?;;
(what are your preferred pronouns?)

where did you find about us from?;;
(were you referred to us by a member? if so, let us know here so we can give them a huge hug!)

how long have you been role-playing?;;
(one month? a year? several years? your whole life? ...whoa dude. from a baby. niiice.)

you're lost in a cave, and there are three tunnels. which one do you choose?;;
(one sparkles with crystals, one is filled with vegetation, and the last is dark and spooky...)

you're in a battle for your life! what fictional character do you choose to help protect you?;;
(just don't take poor Superman, he's been through enough!)

a dark god just offered you pie? what do you do?;;

role-play sample time!;;
(here is where your role-play sample goes! you can take something from another site, a bit of your writing, or reply to a special-made prompt we have to use! it's your choice, and thank you for joining!!)
[ click this link to go to the prompt! ]