The Werecat

General Information;

Werecats are humans that transform into animals on the night of the full moon. They look relatively normal in human from but grow progressively more cat like as the month wears on. With each full moon, the animal form of the werecat grows, starting as small as a house cat and growing to as large as a mountain lion. They have long retractable claws and needle sharp fangs. Wereats are remarkably strong in both forms given their size. A fully transformed werecat has great strength.


Name:: Werecat

Average Lifespan:: 800 years

Average Height:: 5'10

Average Weight:: 150 pounds.

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Transformation: Werecats are extremely uncommon throughout Felnova, mainly because it is so difficult to become one. Unlike werewolves or vampires, a werecat cannot easily transform another. Their fangs are venomous and do have the potential to turn others into werecats, but that is rare unless the wound festers. Their claws are not at all venomous. Usually, becoming a werecat is hereditary; if both parents are werecats, their offspring have about a one and four chance of being one also. In this situation, the child's first transformation often doesn't occur until they are nine or ten years old. A werecat's first few transformations are often extremely painful.


Species info credited to Aehryn.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Werecats are humans who transform into animals on the night of the full moon. They are usually fairly normal looking in human form. But they grow progressively more cat-like as the month wears on... for about a week before and after the full moon, they grow tails, ears, and fangs. Within a day or two of the transformation, a thin layer of fur coats their skin.

The size and appearance of a werecat varies. Usually, the first time they transform, a person's feline form is very small; about the size of a house-cat, or even littler. But each time the full moon rolls around, they grow a bit bigger. Full size for a werecat is usually about as large as a mountain lion, though some have grown bigger. Basically, a werecat looks like an enormous cat; long tail, big paws, short snout, large ears and narrow eyes. A werecat's fur is usually the same color as their fur in human form, and they retain their eye-color in both forms.

Werecats have long, retractable claws and needle-sharp fangs, one of the few substances strong enough to cut through a dragon's scales.

Tactics;; Many werecats are benign, spreading wisdom throughout the land. But others... others are simply killers. Their instincts and strength make them superb hunters, and some don't care to master their bloodlust and live peacefully among others. Dragon-flesh is a delicacy to them, and because of their scale-shattering teeth, they are often employed as dragon-hunters. Because of this, most drakes fear and loathe them.

Abilities;; Besides having extraordinarily sharp fangs and claws, werecats are remarkably strong for their size in both feline and human forms. When fully transformed, a werecat can have the strength of several dragons. In cat form, a werecat is unable to communicate verbally, but they gain the ability to transmit words to other creature's minds through telepathy.

Some werecats are special; instead of transforming only at the full moon, they transform every night, or at will.


Classification: Bipedal, intelligent cat. Location: Abroad.

A unique race of bipedal feline most closely related to the werecat, having developed much like the werewolves' worgen breed. Generally tall and well-proportioned in build, these creatures have the body shape of a human, and are most often covered in fur (thick, long fur or short fur depends on the individual). Their fur color ranges widely, as does the specific build and/or type of cat, though most will have a very feline face with a full muzzle, catlike eyes, and complete feline ears. They are a primarily nomadic race, specializing in a variety of tasks, and can be found in any Realm. Groups of these creatures numbering more than ten are very rare, and can usually be found inside of large cities where they take likeminded jobs or similar careers.