The Vampire

General Information;

Vampires are created in one of two ways. They were either infected with the vampire virus or, they are a pureblood vampire which is born through vampire crosses. There is no set definition for vampires in regards to their morals and character though they will generally reflect who they were before the Change. They must drink blood to survive and sunlight has adverse affects of them. Many vampires can hunt without killing while others kill for pleasure. Vampires are stronger and faster than their previous race but this different from one vampire to another.


Name:: Vampire

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 5'10.

Average Weight:: 120 pounds.

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Skyeh and Lypten.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance As vampires are those who have been infected by the vampire virus and turned into a vampire by another of this race, they can have nearly any humanoid appearance. There are a few absolutes, however. Most vampires will have very pale skin, pale as a corpse, in fact. They will retain, for the most part, eye and hair colors from their previous forms, though in the case of many vampires the virus will change these features. Pureblood vampires, that is, vampires born through vampire-crosses, generally inherit the features of their parents after they were transformed.

Culture Again, there is no set definition for vampires. Their morals and character will generally reflect who they were before the Change. It is confirmed that they must drink blood to survive, but can also eat human food and can survive on either, though lack of blood will tend to drive them insane. Vampires do not sleep. Many prefer to be active at night, for the simple reason that sunlight adversely affects them. In some vampires, this means that their flesh burns in light; for others, the sun is merely an annoyance and saps their powers. When it comes to drinking blood, some vampires are abhorrent to drinking the blood of whichever species they once were, while others accept this as inevitable. Many vampires can hunt without killing, but yet others hunt actively and kill for pleasure or simply due to lack of restraint. This will depend on the specific vampire in question, as do general questions of good and evil.

Abilities Vampires are generally stronger and faster than most of their previous race, though this differs from vampire to vampire. Their skin is tougher than the norm; in some vampires, it is almost ironlike, though there is no outward evidence in appearance to suggest this. Vampires have the ability to turn humans and other such humanoids into vampires by infecting them with the vampire virus, transmitted through a bite. Older, more experienced vampires can drink blood without murder, but in order to Change another, a vampire must drink some blood to transmit the virus. Becoming a vampire merely increases endurance, strength, and speed; it does not on its own grant supernatural element abilities or the like. Vampires also have interesting mental abilities, such as being able to think on several levels of thought at once, or being able to mindpseak. Pureblood vampires are generally stronger than Changed vampires.

Species Origin;

Creation Year: unknown. Realm of Origin: First Realm.

Long ago, in the First Realm's chaotic years, Death reigned true and free; it did not take long for Death to engage in tactics involving disease and pestilence. One such product of this atrocity-filled sojourn was the creation of the vampire curse, a virus found in corrosive venom he created himself. “You shall be born of the One’s precious creatures, taken into my fold as hunters attuned to the dreaded night, cloaking yourself in shadows to steal away life. Death intoned. As you, kin of the bat, live off the blood of others, stealing their life’s fluid straight from their body’s crimson rivers, I christen you… 'vampire'.

Known through the ages by many names, the vampire curse was intended to turn some of the One’s disciples away from the great entity via forcing them to commit violent atrocities to slake their thirst for blood and to stay away from the presence of sunlight, which was one of the One’s methods for granting life and vitality. The first nearly burned in the presence of the sun, and was horribly scarred, leaving him appearing monstrous. After his humanoid friends attempted to assist the afflicted creature, he suddenly thirsted - and attack them with a venomous bite.

Soon, they turned as well. Those that were turned into vampires were often shunned as undead due to their behavior and appearance; this further contributed to their corruption into Death’s disciples. It should be noted that the first vampires, including the Ancient First, acted more like vaguely humanoid predatory animals - significantly more bat-like than the modern vampire, with a vaguely pig-like snout, pointed ears, beady red eyes, and constantly exposed fangs. The Strigoi vampire resemble these earliest vampires, in both appearance and behavior.

While the first generations of this virus were more like a plague, the virus became its own worst enemy. When whole communities would be turned into vampires, this resulted in the creatures simply feeding off one another, which created in-fighting and death of those afflicted.

It was Gurthril, unable to stand the ungraceful and uncouth brutishness of these creatures, who modified Death's vampires and eradicated their ugliness to be replaced with refined and noble beauty. The virus was refined and the acidic qualities of the bite removed, and vampires no longer appeared as undead, filthy creatures, but things that could lure prey close with their appearance. The thirst for blood became not quite as pronounced, and vampires no longer burned in the glorious light of any Realms' suns.

Then, there was the matter of the First; who remained ugly and charred, malformed and distasteful. In order to save the delicate virginity of her own untainted eyes, she restored the First’s form, and enhanced it to her standards. She weaved unto him a superhuman beauty above that of normal vampires, and granted him the finest of noble clothes. Pleased with her work, she released him upon the world, and watched him lure more than one pure lady to an early demise.

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Name: Strahdinlo. Location: sleeps beneath the Adiel Tower in Lizzarkyth. Status: Alive.

Strahdinlo is a tall, lean vampire with pale skin and black hair. He is seductively handsome, and holds an alluring charm; his eyes are a deep, royal purple, and he often dresses to match. However, it was not always so - once, at the dawn of his creation, he was monstrous and malformed, ugly and undesirable. Gurthril changed him to be what he is now, and many - man and woman alike - have been drawn to his ethereal, divine beauty.

Most often, the First vampire adorns himself in brilliant shades of purples, lavendars, magentas, blacks, and silvers; he may wear extravagant jewelry or none, though almost always dons a cloak of purples and reds over whatever he may be wearing at the time.

Nothing is known of this vampire's exact abilities; no scholar who's been able to get close enough has lived to record their findings.


Strigoi Vampire
Classification: cursed, undead vampire. Location: abroad.

The ancient strigoi is a type of vampire cursed into a half-life long ago, one that has only recently been discovered. The original of this species was a vampire cursed by his victim, a worgen, into living as a true undead. To prevent the rotting of his flesh, he drank more blood than others, killing to stay alive. His descendants retain this trait. With the same strength and stamina as their cousins, the strigoi vampire is much faster, and has greater senses - but this is also a weakness, as they can't stand strong smells or direct sunlight. Sunlight is toxic to them, and because of their intense sense of touch, they have no protection against its burning rays. They may also be killed by the alloys in various types of metal, namely silver and platinum, for they have no immunity to their toxidity. If they go any length of time without drinking blood, their bodies will begin to deteriorate, as well as their senses and powers. And unlike their cousins, because of the curse, they do not have a shadow nor a reflection.

The abilities of a strigoi are varied, but all have the ability to transform into a night-creature of their choice; usually a bat, a rat or a dark-feathered owl. Some may be able to raise the dead for a few moments at a time, and others can control werewolves, worgen and wargwolves. This control is based on the hatred retained of the original worgen who cursed them, and varies in strength individual to individual.