The Spiritbeast

General Information;

Spiritbeasts are a unique race that was created by a Spirit King many years ago, to serve the Spirit Realms. They appear as Realm-specific variants of creatures somewhat dragonlike and deerlike in design. They are able to hear the call of their King anywhere in the Living Realms, and burn with the reiatsu of the spiritual world they are tied to.


Name:: Spiritbeasts

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 5 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: N/A

Location Found:: Primarily the Spirit Realms, but can be found abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Interbreeding;; Both normal and highborn spiritbeast types can interbreed with one another, and create hybrid types; however, these spiritbeasts cannot breed further with one another to create viable offspring. If off-type spiritbeasts wish to have children, they must breed with a species that is not part or wholly spiritbeast. Off-type spiritbeasts most often interbreed with shadowbeasts and lightbeasts, rendering those many have come to call 'duskbeasts' no matter their parent typing.

Due to their rarity, highborn spiritbeasts are a limited store species; please do not make one unless bought. Thank you!


Species info credited to Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; Spiritbeasts are lanky, deerlike creatures with long legs and slender bodies; they have tapered faces with large, luminous eyes, dainty talons, and feathers in various places on their bodies; all spiritbeasts have feathers framing their faces. All have manes consisting of the reiatsu of the Spiritual Realm they are bound to, and wings made of spiritual energy of the same color, built much like a kalina lightbeast's. All spiritbeasts of every kind are bioluminescent, to any degree.

Ghostbeast: Spiritbeasts aligned with the Ghost Realm; their reiatsu is a pale mixture of colors bordering on whites and silvers. Called ghostbeasts, these creatures are the smallest in stature of the different types, and have the least amount of bioluminescence. Their fire is most prominent in their wings, and their feathers are usually located by their paws, along their tails, and at the base of their wings.

Hellbeast: Spiritbeasts aligned with Hell; their reiatsu consists of various shades of silvers edged in reds, maroons, and pinks. Called hellbeasts, they are of middling size, and have markings in their fur of a variety of glowing colors. Many hellbeasts have spikes and horns, paired with scales and plates, to accent their velvet fur, and can be found with any base color, dark or light. Their eyes are smaller than most, and they have a more predatory appearance than their brethren. Most hellbeasts only have feathers on their faces, and down their backs to their long tails.

Highbeast: Spiritbeasts aligned with the Highrealm; their reiatsu is bright and chaotic, usually consisting of several colors in iridescent rainbow hues. They are the largest, and often have beautiful, extravagant fur and feathers, found anywhere on their bodies. They are found in light colors, and have the boldest and brightest markings, often in colors that change hue over time. All highbeasts have long, silken tails, much like mori shadowbeasts. Rarest of all spiritbeasts.

Soulbeast: Spiritbeasts aligned with the Spirit Realm; their reiatsu consists of various shades of white and off-white, though only a few have the rarest of white reiatsu that ties them to Ethers. Called soulbeasts, they are often fluffy and have feathers along their faces, backs, legs and tails, and can sometimes be found with a second and third pair of wings. Most often, these soulbeasts are found in lighter colors, with swirling white markings that glow with bright light.

Culture;; Spiritbeasts were created to serve their Spirit Kings, and thus are incredibly loyal to their masters and their Realm. All have an altruistic sense of how their Realm and the King it holds allegiance to is doing, and are compelled to return and assist whenever the need is dire, or their King calls. Otherwise, spiritbeasts can mix in with any sort of community, and have wide-ranging personalities and traits. However, different types have different common tendencies, generalizations more common than the other types by far.

Ghostbeast: Many ghostbeasts are somewhat melancholy, and prone to bouts of sorrow. To be smiled upon by a ghostbeast is considered a blessing in many Realms.

Hellbeast: Most hellbeasts have a tendency to become violent and acidic in nature, predatory and perhaps even cruel. They show no mercy when ordered to do anything, and are happy to kill for their King's pleasure. Many are also severely protective of what they love and what they own, to the point of being detrimental to their own wellbeing.

Highbeast: Highbeasts are proud, and see themselves above all other spiritbeasts; they look upon all but the highborns with distaste, and are the least likely to intermingle or interbreed with other spiritbeast types.

Soulbeast: Perhaps the most wild and carefree, as well as the most common of spiritbeast types, soulbeasts in general are optimistic and happy to do anything to help others. Soulbeasts are well respected and looked on as omens of good fortune, often bringing good morale and joy back to lands desolate with sorrow and fear.

Abilities;; All spiritbeasts hold a special connection to the Realm and King they serve and are bound to. Most may telepathically communicate with their King over any distance, and feel the energy of their Realm and the state of balance it's in. If called by their King, all spiritbeasts of that type hear the call and respond to it. All spiritbeasts are very proficient with their reiatsu, and can utilize both their personal aura and the aura of their home world. Each type has unique abilities according to Realm, as well.

Ghostbeast: Ghostbeasts can not only see ghosts of any type (including those masquerading as the living), but may speak and interact with them as well. A ghostbeast can also phase their physical form like ghosts, and may turn invisible for brief periods of time.

Hellbeast: Any hellbeast may utilize hellfire - the reiatsu of hell, an ever-burning, scorching fire that leaves burn scars that never fully heal, and leave the feeling of fire in flesh forevermore. For brief times, they may coat their entire bodies in hellfire; but if left for too long, they may suffer hellfire burns themselves, if not be consumed entirely by it.

Highbeast: Highbeasts are masters of spiritual energy manipulation, and cannot be harmed by outside reiatsu. They also have proficiency in light and dark magic, as well as summoning their mindbeasts without help.

Soulbeast: Soulbeasts hold a similar mastery of reiatsu manipulation to highbeasts, with the added effect that they can absorb spiritual energy from any source, as well - though it should be noted that an overload of energy is common, and can lead to a reverse overtax, resulting in death.


Highborn Spiritbeasts
Classification: humanoid spiritbeasts. Location: abroad.

Highborn spiritbeasts are ascended, divine-blessed spiritbeasts that have been changed into humanoid forms. They have skin, hair, and eyes that glow, colors matching those of the type they belong to. Reiatsu of their Realm burns along their shoulders and arms, back, and the tips of long, elfin ears. Most highborns have pupilless eyes, and many wear extravagant clothes with embedded gemstones.

Highborns are the recordkeepers of the Spirit Realms, and often help a Spirit King as their right hand. Most are wise and scholarly, and though they are every bit as capable in battle as regular spiritbeasts, they do not often fight. Highborn spiritbeasts are able to create pens and ink from their reiatsu alone, and have extravagant libraries of knowledge they're able to summon items from and disband at will, in any Realm. They may also speak with the Void, and stand as an intermediary between divine beings and the Spirit Kings, sharing news and knowledge that transcends both living and dead Realms.