The Pegasus

General Information;

A race of winged horses, who fly with a mixture of physical strength and magic. They come in a variety of colors, and their body types can be anywhere from more heavy draft breeds, to the light and airy warmbloods. They can be found with feathery wings, or webbed; one pair is most common, but more have been recorded.


Name:: Pegasi

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 14 hands

Average Weight:: 1 ton

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Fairy Horses: Those born with insectoid wings, like a dragonfly, bee, or butterfly, are considered ill omens and are banished from the herd to roam on their own. None know what causes a foal to be born with such wings, but it's thought to be an odd mutation, one to be avoided.


Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith, Maul, and Daweia.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Pegasi are a breed of horselike creatures that sprout wings from their back. They can be of any horse breed, from the bigger drafts to the small, delicate, elven breeds, with one or more pairs of wings. Most often, a pegasus will be found in a variety of colors, from natural hues (bay, black, grey, chestnut, etc) to most unnatural colors. Their wings can be feathered or webbed, or any combination of the two. Very rarely will a pegasus be born with insectoid wings.

Most pegasi will have hollow bones, built like a bird's, to remain light in the air. Those that do not - called the Grounded by those in the herd who may fly - cannot do more than glide short distances, unaided by magic. The Grounded tend to leave their flying brethren to form herds of their own, with other heavy-boned pegasi, or those with wings too small to fly.

Tactics;; The pegasus is an exceptionally social individual, intelligent and cunning, with many forming small bands or herds led by either a single stallion, or a lead mare. The social hierarchy is established at a young age for a foal, and their position remains generally stable, barring extreme changes in temperament. More aggressive individuals, those willing to push forward and take charge, are generally higher in the hierarchy, and the most dominant individuals are the leaders of such herds.

Unlike traditional herds, herds of pegasi can be found to have multiple stallions and mares, with breeding rights being open to all. The lead stallion, or mare, may ban individuals from mating if they've broken herd law, but otherwise foals are born to multiple mares by a variety of stallions in the herd. Most herds have specific grounds to drop their foals, including sky-continents like Stroen'na, or the unique settlements of cloudwalkers.

Abilities;;Pegasi fly with a mixture of physical ability - large, flightworthy wings - and magic. Very few are able to fly with just their wings alone, and when flying, appear to be galloping across the sky. Otherwise, they may master a large variety of abilities, both elemental and non, and can be exceptionally powerful.


Classification: Horned pegsi. Location: Abroad.

A subtype created long ago when a herd of unicorns decided to interbreed with a herd of pegasi, resulting in the cerapter: a horned pegasus. These animals have unicorn horns and pegasus wings, and are much more adept at magic than their parents.