The Orc

General Information;

Strong and ugly humanoids with a fearsome demeanor. They often dwell in mountainous regions, and are powerful, often ferocious warriors. While their physical prowess is high, they're not known for their magical abilities, which are next to nonexistent.


Name:: Orc

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 7'2"

Average Weight:: 280 lbs

Location Found:: Primarily Felnova, although some clans can be found abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Origin: Orcs were said to have once been a band of elves taken and experimented on by a subset of demon mages, who twisted and perverted them into something horrific and misshapen. Thus, they hate elves over all, and will slaughter any who they find. Where other species may be taken as slaves, elves are almost always slain.


Species info credited to Fyfergrund and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Large humanoids with thick features, large hands, and prominent, powerful jaws and fangs. They can be thickly muscular, or more wiry, depending on the individual. Their skin is thick and tough, commonly displaying shades of brown, green, or grey, although other colors have been reported. Skin tone can be even, or mottled in appearance. Their ears are slightly pointed, and their hair naturally grows long, although many orcs will shave all or part of their hair and braid or fasten what's left. Some may seem deformed in their features, whether by birth defect or thick scarring from lives filled with violence.

Tactics;; Renowned as a savage, brutal race, they are prone to violence, and often raid other species when they aren't fighting amongst themselves. Their society is dedicated to martial prowess, and they will often spend their time honing their combat skills, with most opting to learn how to wield as many weapons as possible.

Although they are regarded as savages, they have developed a harsh but fair code of honor on which their society stands, and when they march to battle, they move in disciplined ranks. However, their society lacks a single leader, and their allegiances lie along tribal lines, dominated by powerful warlords, who in turn are aided by clan shamans. Their heavy cavalry is mounted upon muscular draft horses covered in spiked armor, savage beasts they train to kill like rabid dogs.

Abilities;; Their skill at arms matches that of even the greatest warriors among other races, and their strength and ferocity simply add to their effectiveness in battle. Strong and hardy, they can quickly cover ground over long distances on foot, and their tough skin is not easily injured. They have a natural resistance to disease and toxins. To add to that, their sheer ferocity in battle allows them to continue fighting evenly if grievously wounded, although they may still die from their wounds afterward.

However, few, if any, have any magical aptitude; and those that do are considered the lowest of the low. Shamans alone are regarded in good stead, and they must prove their physical prowess before anything.