The Minotaur

General Information;

Large bipedal bovines who are fierce, courageous warriors and avid seafarers. They live by a strict code of honor, and make stalwart allies or fearsome enemies. They have a deep, spiritual connection to the sea, and Sago.


Name:: Minotaur

Average Lifespan:: 300 years

Average Height:: 7 or 8 feet.

Average Weight:: 700 pounds.

Location Found:: Primarily Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.


Creation: It's said that, once many years ago, Sago took pity on a group of human sailors attempting to haul livestock from island to island, fighting a massive storm at sea. Inspired by the ferocity of the bulls they were hauling, he decided to turn every man on the boat into a minotaur, gifting them strength enough to survive. These proud, strong beasts were such a success that he changed all of those willing on the Southern Isles into creatures much the same, turning them into a wondrous seafaring folk that eventually spread to the rest of the Realm.


Species info credited to Fyfergrund and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Large, muscular, bovine bipeds. Individual appearances vary widely, with minotaurs resembling any bovine from a bison to a dairy cow. Yaks, oxen, longhorns, and other variations have all been spotted. Traits they all have in common are their large cloven hooves, bovine tails, horns, and muscular bodies. Clothing varies from simple coverings to decorative robes, tunics, and cloaks. Wealthier minotaurs often adorn their horns with jewelry, and some go so far as to cover their entire horns with precious metals.

Tactics;; Proudly independent, minotaurs are avid seafarers, and have a deep connection to the sea. They will defend their island homes with stubborn tenacity, and if provoked, will just as stubbornly wage war. On the battlefield, a minotaur is a fierce foe, often wielding a weapon in each hand, or a large, double-headed axe, together with their large horns and heavy hooves.

Minotaurs are also very loyal, and are gifted with a unique sense of honor. Many have a strict code that they follow, and even those who become sea raiders and pirates will hold true to this. Many refuse to hurt children, women, or the elderly, and will actively go after those who do. Those who turn away from the path of honor are rejected by their fellows, and sometimes hunted down and can either be imprisoned or slain.

Abilities;; They possess great strength, and are in general a very hardy race, capable of reaching great speed at a sprint. Their hearing is superb, and sense of smell likewise potent. Their horns make fearsome weapons, and a charging minotaur can bowl over even creatures larger than themselves.

They have a well-developed sense of direction, and can often find their way through even the most confusing of locations or weather conditions. A sizable number can manipulate water, or the weather, with control over the earth being the next most common power among them. Control over other elements s rare, but not entirely unheard of.