The Mimic

General Information;

The mimic is very hard to describe. They possess the ability to shape shift into any creature, living or dead and can change their shape on a daily basis. The mimic is a feral creature that tends to live in a pride of a pack, ruled by an Alpha. Mimics are possessive, honorable, and loyal if nothing else. They do not use man made weapons in a fight but prefer to fight with teeth and claws.


Name:: Mimic

Average Lifespan:: 100-700 years

Average Height:: unknown

Average Weight:: unknown

Location Found:: Millirand.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Aehryn.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; There is no accurate way to describe the appearance of a mimic. They possess the ability to assume the shape of any creature, living or dead, and vary that shape on a day-to-day basis. Each mimic has a 'true form'; depending on how quickly he or she matures, this form manifests around three to four years of age and is nearly always humanoid in nature.

Behavior;; Mimics are feral. Unlike many traditional shapeshifters, the mimic is more animal than anything else. They live in groups, usually referred to as 'prides' or 'packs'. The Alpha reigns for life, and his power passes to his eldest daughter. Each mimic has a distinct personality, although a few particular characteristics seem to occur without fail: they are possessive, honorable, and staunchly loyal. Yes, there are those who break the mold, but the average mimic will not be a no-good traitor with plans to slaughter your family. The word of a mimic is incredibly valuable. If they promise you something or proclaim that they are in your debt, they will follow through no matter the physical or emotional cost.

Tactics;; Again, it is difficult to properly sum up the many different strategies that mimics abide by. In general, when a fight is unavoidable a mimic will shift to an appropriate form and face his or her enemy with tooth and claw. They do not use man-made weapons of any kind; it is a rare day when one of their kind picks up a sword or tries their hand with a bow. It simply isn't efficient.

Abilities;; Mimics are able to shift their form and take on the appearance of any creature or person that they have seen. This means that their physical shape is never abstract; they cannot tweak what they see, and they cannot transform into things that don't actually exist. Oftentimes, a group of mimics will "share" a few of their forms, phasing so that others can pick up another shape. Similarly, certain shapes are particularly prized and kept secret until it is absolutely necessary that they be revealed. Many of these come from animals that are now extinct.