The Hippocampus

General Information;

Aquatic equines who are close allies to merfolk. They live in small herds, often close to merfolk cities and settlements, over which they display highly protective behavior.


Name:: Hippocampus

Average Lifespan:: 500 years

Average Height:: 15 hands (5 feet) at the shoulder.

Average Weight:: 900 pounds.

Location Found:: Abroad, anywhere there's water.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Fyfergrund and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;;The forequarters of a hippocampus looks much like a terrestrial horse, complete with hooves and manes. However, their hooves come in many variations, from horse-like to cloven and webbed. Some have fins protruding from their manes, and rarely horns. The hindquarters of a hippocampus is fish-like, although the exact shape and design varies greatly among the species. Coloring is usually silvery blue or green, reminiscent of fish scales, although colors vary widely even among herds.

Tactics;; Close allies of merfolk and selkies, hippocampi live in small herds which can often be found living near merfolk settlements. Noble creatures, they are highly protective of their allies, and often serve as guards of merfolk cities, or mounts to their aquatic allies. While it is rare to see them on the surface, they will occasionally appear to help shipwreck victims, or ferry people across the sea.

Abilities;; While they lack much by the way of true magic, they can use their reiatsu to create barriers against attack. They are powerful swimmers, fast and agile, and use their strength, tails, and hooves against their enemies. If a hippocampus is gifted with elemental magic, they will most often trend towards water or ice, rarely anything else. While they prefer to spend their time in the water, they can surface and move on land for short amounts of time. Since they lack hind legs, their movements on land resemble those of seals. While they do not speak, they communicate via mind-speech.


Classification: carnivorous, aquatic equines. Location: abroad.

Vicious creatures, kelpies take on the form of normal horses while on land, where they lure unwitting victims towards them. Once the victim either places their hand on the kelpie, or mounts on its back, they will be stuck, having fallen victim to the adhesive, resin-like slime coating the kelpie's body. The helpless victim will be dragged or carried into the water and drowned before being eaten.

Underwater, the kelpie resembles a corrupted hippocampus, dark in color and slick and slimy in texture. Otherwise, they are very similar to the hippocampi in overall appearance, aside from their long mouths, sharp teeth, and overly large eyes. Not as smart or civilized as the hippocampi, kelpies are nonetheless cunning creatures.

Classification: non-equine hippocampi. Location: abroad.

Very similar to normal hippocampi aside from one glaring difference. The front half of their bodies resemble any kind of non-equine hooved animal. Deer, goats, rams, buffalo, any many others have all been reported. Generally more frivolous than normal hippocampi, the capricorns are light-hearted and often flighty, although the larger ones are usually more stolid. As their appearances are very diverse, so too are their overall sizes, influenced by what creatures their forequarters resemble.