The Goblin

General Information;

A grubby, irritating species of small humanoids with fine scales, ugly snouts and large, batlike ears. Mostly unintelligent, they are looked down upon by most other species, seen as pests and rodents. Nevertheless, in large numbers, goblins are a force to be reckoned with - especially if led by a capable leader.


Name:: Goblins

Average Lifespan:: 40 years

Average Height:: 2 feet

Average Weight:: 30 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad. Most dwell in caves and caverns, deep underground, or in city sewers and dungeons.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Aehryn and Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearances;; Goblins are small, and quite ugly. They stand on two legs, with overlong arms that hang nearly to their knees. Their skin is covered with dull scales, ranging in color from flat black to muddy brown to swampy green. Their faces are best compared to a lizard's, with a blunt, sharp-toothed snout and small, beady dark eyes. But they have flap-like ears like a bat's, and a long, stout tail similar to an alligator's. Basically, they look like a grotesque hodgepodge of species. The females look roughly the same as the males, though they tend to be a bit taller and sometimes have a few strands of thin, scraggly hair curling out from between their huge ears.

Tactics;; Basically, goblins are war-like creatures with the approximate intelligence of a newt, who would just as soon fight each other as an enemy. Extremely primitive and aggressive, they will go to war over something as trivial as who gets the last scrap of meat.

Abilities;;Goblins usually fight with crudely hewn spears or arrows; sometimes, the generals actually have swords. Very few have magical abilities, and those that do usually die very quickly, as they try to attempt tasks too great for their meager power. They don't like to strategize; when they win battles, it is usually through sheer numbers and brute force.

In-Depth Information;

Classification: primitive goblin. Location: anywhere underground.

The kobold is a race of primordial goblins; around the same size as their more numerous cousins, they appear to be much thinner, sometimes emaciated, and have longer arms and spindly legs. They have large, batlike ears and eyes that dominate their face, often red, gold or green in color. Oddly, the kobold may give off a faint luminescence in the dark, and when angered, this glow can flare like fire. On their heads, down their necks and backs, over their shoulders and thighs lay scraggly, matted fur that transitions to dry and wrinkled skin. Many have long thin tails covered in fine scales, the same that is found on their hands and feet. Most wear little or no clothing, and they shun armor for its weight.

Kobolds are savage when cornered, and live in deep caves where they help goblins mine and make weapons, often as slaves. Because they breed rapidly, they are sometimes utilized as hit-and-away attack forces, though the coordination of a strike is sometimes lost on the kobolds themselves. Despite their lacking intelligence and scrawny bodies, they are very strong, nimble, and accurate. Some may be taught to fire a bow and arrow, others to use poisoned knives and daggers.