The Basilisk

General Information;

The Vystrian basilisk is a lizardlike creature with six stout legs. Most often, these beasts will be very heavily built, and are quite slow-moving in cold weather. Some may appear with more than one set of eyes. A basilisk is known for its terrible gaze - when one wills it upon another, the sight of their eyes is able to turn their victims into solid stone.


Name:: Basilisk

Average Lifespan:: 90 years

Average Height:: 7 feet at the shoulder

Average Weight:: 3 tons

Location Found:: Mostly found in Vystrian mountains, though may be found abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.



Species info credited to Blazeh/Verridith.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; The Vystrian basilisk is unlike the great snake of human mythology; it is close in appearance to a wingless dragon, but with six legs, the back four always powerful hind legs, the front pair forelegs. Basilisks walk with all their legs on the ground; their feet are beastlike and not designed for picking up objects. This race`s scales do not shine like a dragon`s, but do have subtle highlights and are usually colored green, grey, or brown with darker markings, though rarely they appear white. Each leg is tipped with finely honed claws; the hind legs are equipped with broader, larger talons, while the forelegs` talons tend to be narrower, longer, and serrated on the inside edge, the better to rip and tear prey or an enemy. The basilisk`s tail are flexible and generally the length of their body, tipped with spikes. Their heads are graceful and short-snouted, with or without horns or frills. Their eyes are always a deep shade of amber-gold, with snake-slitted pupils. In size, a basilisk can range from being the height of a human to the size of a large hill; they never stop growing, though their growth is substantially slower than that of dragons` beyond hatchling age.

Tactics;; Basilisks are just as intelligent as dragons, and a peaceable race--they prefer to stand on the sidelines and remain neutral of most conflict, and many will not attack until sorely provoked, though of course there are always exceptions.

This race is solitary, and usually only live in pairbonds. They mate for life. Broods have no more than a single egg at a time, and mating season comes once every five years, during the third month, Kelvar. The egg takes half a month to hatch, during which time the mother and father take turns hunting and guarding the egg. The hatchling emerges from the egg fully scaled but blind; sight comes in two weeks. After a month, the hatchling is able to survive on its own, and is driven from the nest. The young basilisk takes three years to mature and can then mate by the next breeding cycle. Prey includes anything from small deer to large carnivores.

Abilities;; The talons, tail-spikes, and fangs of a basilisk are their primary weapons; however, males possess a mild neurotoxin that immobilizes the victim in thumblike barbs on both foretalons as an added defense. Basilisks are swift runners due to their six legs, and powerful jumpers for their four strong hind legs. Many can use magic, but their abilities are limited to earth, light, and dark elements.

While they are strong in magic or talon-to-talon combat, the basilisk`s weapon of last resort is the infamous stone gaze. One may look deep into a basilisk`s golden eyes without harm, but if the individual wishes it, the slightest peek at their eyes will petrify the victim into a stone statue. However, this ability taxes the basilisk`s strength, and few of this race will use the power without good reason.