The Rekk

General Information;

Rekklin are a very attractive species with features similar to those of their Heartwoodian relatives. They have innocent, child-like faces with large bright eyes. A rekk cannot eat or drink traditional food, and only absorb nourishment from emotions. Fear, hatred and jealousy are sweet, while happiness causes them great pain. Many rekklin are talented in magic and swordplay, but their magic is much darker than their cousins, the elves


Name:: Rekklin

Average Lifespan:: Immortal

Average Height:: 6 feet

Average Weight:: 120 pounds

Location Found:: Abroad.

*all statistics based on averages; extremes in any direction, or found in odd locations, are always allowed.




Species info credited to Aehryn.

In-Depth Information;

Appearance;; The Rekklin (plural, singular is Rekk) are lovely creatures, with most of the physical traits that make their Heartwoodian relatives so desirable. Innocent-looking faces, almost childlike, with large, bright eyes and full lips, are their trademark. Their height varies. They tend to be around human height, or a bit shorter. They dress however they choose: some favor vilam, while others go with deerskin or plain cloth. Their skin-tone and hair color can range from dark as a Drow to a porcelain hue, and all eye colors are possible. From afar, they're beautiful enough to break your heart. But get close enough to see the details, and you'll note a few things that set them apart from the other Elves. Firstly, their teeth. Their canines are unusually sharp, elongated, and though you can't truly see this, they also have fangs where their molars should be. The pupils of their eyes are too narrow, not quite round, and they dilate and shrink dramatically when the light changes. Some Rekklin, though not all, actually have small, sharp horns that twist through their hair.

Tactics;; The Rekklin... well, in some ways, they are not so very different from the other Elves. But they would have an odd flaw in their natures, and it is this: they cannot eat or drink. They are nourished only by emotions, and only a few emotions. Fear, hatred, jealousy, anger- the feelings that most mortals loathe are like sweet honey to them. Being near a source of happiness eats away at their insides, causes them great pain. But unlike some species, they aren't predisposed to be bad. In fact, they are born with the stark sense of justice and honor that many Elves possess. So until they give in and become truly evil, they must war between their need to feast on negative emotions, and their desire to be good. If they don't frequently come near those with negative emotions, they will waste away to nothing. And above all, they cannot let themselves feel pure love or selflessness, or it will stop their hearts from beating. Even a slight sympathetic thought or word causes them physical pain, though it won't kill them until it gives way to a larger emotion.

Abilities;; A Rekk is blessed with the basic abilities of any Elf. They stay young in appearance for a very long time, and have endurance and strength far beyond that of a human. Many are talented in magic and swordplay. But that's where their similarity to the other races ends. Their other power is far darker, designed to help them do what they must do to survive: to seek out and cause hatred, fear, or rage. Most are adept at mindspeech, and have skills that some would call "mind-reading," though it's nowhere near as precise as that. They do not know other's actual thoughts, but their feelings. They can tell what you are feeling, see through your carefully fabricated mask of carelessness or impassiveness, and to some degree manipulate emotions. They cannot make someone plunge directly from joy to deepest despair, of course, but they can nudge them in that direction if they choose to.